Genesis Code: Decoding the Archetypes of Genesis/Bereshit

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Carlo Suares, in the Cipher of Genesis, presents the key to a code that may be found in the first four chapters of Bereshyt, Genesis, the primal text of the Western revelations. This key -- which is based on an understanding of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in terms of a basic self-consistent set of abstract creative energies -- can be used to decode (as Suares demonstrates) practically every letter and word of the beginning of Genesis. Here we collect and abstract Suares' explanations of some of the central archetypes in Genesis (and our psyches) as examples of his language of biologically-structured energy and consciousness.
This page is here to address one question:   Why bother with any of this?

One good reason might be that Suares' key offers the opportunity to "decode" some of our most basic and unconscious psychological programming.

Buried in our individual psyches are archetypal patterns of meaning and energy, the light of which casts shadows (our defensive reactions) on awareness that we perceive as traditional myths and meanings. We are largely unconscious of the effects of the meanings that we assign to these shadows. Whether we identify with a Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith or not, the myths remain in the background of our belief and moral structures as basic assumptions about creation, God, man, woman, good, evil, sin, punishment and redemption. Whether we believe it or not, we think we know the story and accept the traditional meanings, which may or may not seem relevant to the present time.

Either way, the stories and archetypes that have shaped Western civilization from the beginning are alive in our psyches, more so than we can imagine, and it is hard to think of a better way of knowing thyself   (at least for the Western psyche) than finding and identifying the true nature of these archetypes within one's own self.

You consider Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and others to have lived in the past. That is not so. They never existed in the past, but they are perfectly alive inside you and they are doing exactly the opposite of what you believe they did. . . .The energies that are expressed in the original equations now mis-translated as Elohim and YHWH are inside you but almost dead from the beatings you give them. But now we have reached a point where there is no choice. You are condemned to live joyfully in the explosive fulfillment of everything that you have previously distorted in your vain efforts to believe instead of to know.         --Carlo Suares, The Second Coming of Reb YSHWH

The archetypes of Genesis are fundamental patterns of energy/consciousness that are themselves composed of archetypal energies (the spellings of their "true" names) and which participate in a larger archetypal reality. This makes the decoding process relatively straightforward and subject to experimental verification: simply assemble the meaning of the archetype from the decoded component letter-meanings and check for internal consistency and semantic content. See Aleph and Bayt for an introduction to the non-arbitrary semantics and self-consistent structure of the decoded Hebrew letters. All Hebrew letters are hyperlinked to their definitions.

We will start with three simple archetypes not usually given archetypal consideration -- the whole, the alphabet and the letter or sign -- and work our way downward towards more complex and familiarly "archetypal" patterns: God, Adam, Eve, Serpent, etc.

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Et: Aleph-Tav/Alef-Tav: The Beginning and the End -- archetype of the whole or total process, from "A to Z." Aleph: Infinite expansion, timeless, unknowable creative life-death: Tav: Infinite compression, cosmic resistance, final sanctuary of all energy, mirror to Aleph. Pulsation of life -- cosmic resistance. Aleph and Tav (which is Aleph) establish the complete circuit of the one dual energy :   Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz.  
Aleph-Bayt, the archetype of the alphabet as the generalized container (Bayt) for Aleph. The Aleph-Bayt, the Aleph and the Tav, the Father and the sign are equivalent descriptions of the total creative energy of the alphabet which is contained in each letter (Aut).
Aut: letter or sign: Aleph-Waw-Tav is the archetype of the non-arbitrary sign: the union of the signfier with the signified, across all levels of structuration / signification. The letter is the link (Waw) between the spiritual (Aleph) and the material (Tav). Autiot, the plural, shows both Aleph and Yod (Aleph in existence) fertilizing (Waw) cosmic resistance Tav: spelled Tav-Vav -- the return fertilization of the two-fold energy.       YHWH La Qaheen Aut.   See Autiot Yassod.
Bereshyt: Bayt-Raysh-Aleph: archetype of the total creative process: the Intemporal Aleph arises endogenously from within the Universe (Bayt-Raysh) in an on-going creation. Sheen-Yod-Tav: Yod, existence, the partner with Aleph in the Great Game of Manifestation, is caught between the hammer and anvil: the cosmic Breath Sheen and the cosmic Resistance Tav. Creation is a dual process between Aleph and Tav.

Awr: Light: "Awr and Awr: inner light and outer light. Whether intuition and perception, or heart and mind, or soul and body, whatever their names, when they come to mean something to us, inside us, when their joint action is fruitful, the Revelation is here."   [CoG pp.85]   The impact (Waw) of Aleph on the universe (Raysh) is light.         Va-Yomer Elohim Yehy Awr Ve-Yehy Awr
Day: Yom, Yod-Waw-Mem, is the projection of Awr (Light) into existence. In the "day," Aleph incarnates as Yod and penetrates individual biological existences. One of the set of basic equations distinguishing light and darkness from day and night, as both structured and unstructured energies are projected into actual existence.   Ve-Y'Qara Elohim Le-Awr Yom
Hhoshekh: "designates the immeasureable reservoir of undifferentiated energy (8) in relationship with the cosmic metabolism (300) and the cosmic life (500). This "darkness" is swarming with all that could be, and its living power transcends all human thought. From it, the action of Yavdel Veyn, in time, order and measure, gives birth to all that can become and be." CoG, pp.88   Yavdel Elohim Veyn Ha-Awr Va-Veyn Ha-Hhoshekh
Night: Hhoshekh becomes Layla (Lammed-Yod-Lammed-Hay: When it comes into existence, this new schema, as can be seen when decoded, expresses vividly the vital quality of that obscure (unseen) existence (10) between the organic lives (30 and 30). The Hay (5) which completes the schema is a reassertion of life.   Ve Le-Hhoshekh Qara Layla
Mayim-Shamaim: "The so-called "heaven" in the first verse, the name of which is Shamain, contains a Yod between the two Mem. This sequence indicates the cosmic movement of Sheen acting against Mayim, the so-called waters: the two Mem (40) between which Yod is playing against its partner Aleph in the game of existence versus life."

Eretz: Earth: "The manifestation is twofold: there is the existence of that which contains and the life of that which is contained. Aleph is buried in Eretz. To allow it to spring forth alive in us is the absolute function of every human being. In whomsoever the Aleph lives and functions is the very Revelation itself ... The word encompassing every variety of container is Eretz."
Tohu-Ve-Bohu: Desolation and Waste, Formless and Void. Which is the state of our minds if we accept the translations and believe we understand these words. Shamaim, created first ("Heavens and Earth"), is unstructured existence (the Yod of Bereshyt). Eretz, created next, is all the containers where life is buried in existent structures (the Aleph of Bereshyt). Tohu-Ve-Bohu specifies the "initial state" of Eretz (the structured aspect of the One Dual Energy) as "formless substance" (Tohu) and "substanceless form" (Bohu) with three (count them) Waws and two Hays which is about as fertile and prolifically alive as you can get. Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve- Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum
Ve Bohu

Iysch-Esha: Man-Woman: "Two symbolic beings, free of instinctual automatisms -- the past is no longer active in them. Esha does not really exist although she is alive (she has no Yod but has the Hay of life). The fire, Esh , from which she proceeds, has neither life nor existence. It is a pure archetype Aleph-Sheen. As to Eesh, the man, he has the Yod of existence but no Hay: he is not really alive"
Adam: Aleph-Dallet-Mem: "The schema for man (Adam) is Aleph (1), Dallet (4), Mem (40 or 600). The fact that Mem final can be 40 (i.e. resistance) and can leap to 600 (cosmic fertility) indicates the vast range of possibilities in Man. The true vocation of mankind is this transfiguration of 40 into 600."     Suares, CoG, pp.97   Aleph in a resistant biological form: Dallet-Mem (blood).

Hheva: Hhayt-Vayt-Hay: Unstructured consciousness in a living container: "Hheva, Eve, is a symbol of accomplished womanhood, of transcendent femininity, that has yet to come into being."     Suares, CoG pp.131   Adam and Eve are unrealized in the psyches of both men and women.   The Book of Eve

Cain: Qaheen: Qof-Yod-Noun: Cosmic Consciousness in existence, alive and indeterminate beyond space-time. Hevel: Hay-Vayt-Lammed: Life in a container in biological movement: breath, vapor, vanity, unconsious life.   As Eve said:   Qaniti Esh Et YHWH.   Cain's Story
Lord: YHWH:, Existence-Life-Copulation-Life, expresses in existence the two lives (that of the container or shell or physical support, and that of the contained germ or inner life) that fertilze each other. This double impregnation can only occur in Man and as long as it does not occur YHWH is immanent but unborn.   Suares, CoG pp.103   The involutionary process. YHWH

Elohim: God: "Total process through which timeless Aleph becomes Yod which is of time. This process sets in motion the organic functions of living beings. Existence is projected into the passive multitudes of resistence. These allow themselves or do not allow themselves to be fertized after the manner of the living and the dead waters."   CoG, pp. 79   The evolutionary process.

Nahhash: Serpent: "Somewhere in the background of our ancestral memory we have a fossilized stratum recalling that the earth put forth great and successive efforts in order to engender beings that could stand upright. The biblical serpent who appears upright is the symbolic descendent of the great saurians of early geological epochs, creatures that occupied the planet for millions of years prior to man's appearance. This serpent is then the symbol of the most alive creature that earth was able to produce until a certain epoch." Ha-Nahash Ha-Shayini     Suares, CoG pp.123

"The garden east of Eden is "gan beeden meqaddam (Mem-Qof-Dallet-Mem:, and its letter-numbers give such precise information concerning it that no doubt is possible. This purely symbolic garden is ahead of and beyond us, in anticipation of Adam. It is characterized by the greatest instability imaginable."     CoG pp.119     The most dangerous place in the world.

Noahh: Noun-Hay: 50-8: life-in-existence -- unstructured consciousness: carrier of unevolved potentials for human consciousness. Explicitly: life not yet entered into the process of evolution. Noahh's purpose is to preserve life through a cataclysm and genetic bottleneck but in a necessarily unevolved state. He passes the seed of Elohim to Sem, eponymous ancestor of the Semites, who will inhabit Canaan.     CoG pp.147
"Canaan ( is the place (20) full of existential life (50) where all the uncertainties, all the creations and dissolutions, all the discoveries, inventions, buildings and shattering disruptions of structures must perforce happen (70 and 700). It is in the midst of that turmoil that the human seed can and must evolve and grow. In it, mankind must come to understand its cosmic significance."     CoG pp.166
Abraham: the essence (Ram) of the whole Aleph-Bayt alive (Hay) and cosmically fertile (Mem final). Father of the Western Revelation: sent by YHWH into space-time and duality to conquer Canaan and unify the opposities though a triadic movement (Abraham-Isaac-Jacob) resulting in the resurrection of Aleph in the first incarnation of Israel. The Abraham Cycle

Israel: Yod-Sheen-Raysh-Aleph-Lammed, 10.300.200.1.30. In existence, the cosmic Breath acts on the cosmic container and frees Aleph in factual movement. This is the schema that, by definition, can never settle down into a fixed adaptation. Psychologically, Israel is totally free of the past, living in, and transmitting, the Immanence. Jacob.

Mosheh: Moses: Mem-Sheen-Hay, 40.300.5: Fire in the Waters. Moses creates a shell for the Revelation of Abraham. Moses stands at the conjunction of two apparent opposites -- the uncreated and the created worlds -- and brings the Jewish people into existence as an evolutionary and historical process characterized by the dual, material and spiritual, covenants of circumcision and Torah, flesh and Word.

Mitsraim: In order to do this, he must "go down" into a place called "Egypt." The challenge, as always, right now, is to free ourselves from our own myths, whether we believe in them or not, and think symbolically and psychologically about some of our most basic programming. Egypt represents the unconscious, instinctual bondage of physiological structures, ie., in our own bodies and psyches. Moshe goes down to the fertile womb of Mitsraim to collect the seed of Joseph and create the Jews, by freeing them from their bondage to Pharoah and magical thinking and by introducing them to the Commandments of I Am That I Am. Can you find Egypt within yourself?

YHShWH: Jesus: Two thousand years or so ago the Jews gave birth to YHWH. In other words, the divine Immanence that resides permanently in the Jews exploded. It is not a Titus who destroyed the temple. It is YHWH, bursting out of its shell and exploding as a collective dream into a supposed incarnation as Jesus Christ.     Suares, The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH , Weiser, 1994 pp.99

Judas: "It is to be noticed that Yehoudi in Hebrew means Jew. Its spelling Yod-Hay-Waw-Dallet-Yod where the final Hay of YHWH is replaced by Dallet-Yod means that one of YHWH's Hay (life) becomes, with the Jews, an existential resistance to YHWH in coniuncto oppositorium, without which YHWH would only be an abstraction."   Carlo Suares: CoG Part 3, Chapter 3 p.194-206. Bantam, 1973   Verily, verily I say unto you: He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.   Passion of Judas | John 13:21 |   Gospel of Judas

Myriam M'Gadolah
Miryam M'Gadolah/Mary Magdalene: mirror of perfected consciousness: archetype of the transformed feminine: spouse of the Cosmic Fire. Mary Magdalene is the "necessary and only possible witness to the resurrection" because she represents the end-state of the evolution of the human psyche -- exorcised of its seven resistances to indetermination -- necessary to reflect the resurrection of Aleph and participate in the revelation of Yhshwh, Jesus.