gematria: 182

   The schemata of the two brothers identifies them completely. Yissav (70.300.6) is all possibles (70) acting through the cosmic metabolism (300) genetically (6). Yaaqov ( is essentially different. His 70 is ther result of a rooting in existence (10). It brings forth a cosmic Aleph (100) and projects it in Bayt (2), the individual "container."

Suares, Cipher of Genesis p.169

Gematria: 182
gematria: 376

   The question as to who is legally the elder of twins has often been discussed. To my knowledge many judments have considered it to be the second to emerge from the womb.

   But the strife between Jacob and Esau has nothing to do with genetics. It is on an ontological level. Its far-reaching drama so vividly portrayed is a projection, on the psychological and pseudo-historical level, of one of the most important themes of Genesis: the conflict between YHWH and the earth as to who is the bearer of the evolutionary human seed: YHWH's son or the earth's son?

   Those two symbolical descendants are perpetually battling in the individual and collective subconscious -- also too often the winner emerges as Esau.

   In the narrative the conflict is centered upon the schema Adam: Aleph-Dallet-Mem: or Aleph in Dam (blood). In which of the two borthers is the seed of Aleph's resurrection?

   Suares, Cipher of Genesis p.174

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