Awr/Aur/Ohr/'Or: Light

Awr: Light
200 6 1
Gematria: 207

Speaking of Va-Yomer Elohim Yehy Awr Ve-Yehy Awr:

      Awr and Awr: inner light and outer light. Whether intuition and perception, or heart and mind, or soul and body, whatever their names, when they come to mean something to us, inside us, when their joint action is fruitful, the Revelation is here.

      Why has this twofold energy, deriving from the action of the universal life-force upon its cosmic container, been translated as "light"? The answer is that the Universe, considered as a space-time continuum, is set into motion at the maxium speed of which it is capable. According to a very ancient tradition, Genesis I,3 says that that maximum speed is the speed of light. Whether this statement is absolutely correct or not, scientifically, it is irrelevant. Some day it may be found that the highest speed of which the Universe is capable is not only alive but that it is the throbbing of life throughout the entire cosmos. This speed has a number, a measure, which defines the mass, space and time of the Universe as well as its duration.
      Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.85

And Vayrey Elohim Et Ha Awr Ki Tov.

Et Ha Awr
200 6 1 5 400 1
Gematria: 613

The 613 commandments structure the outer light, the light seen as "good" or stable by Elohim. The inner light is developed in Hhoshekh, darkness, where Sheen dwells, and will be born in Genesis 2 when the birth of man will be described not from the point of view of physical evolution but through perception of its essence. (CoG 88)

Raz in Hebrew, Raysh-Zayn (200.7) has a gematria of 207. Its meaning is secret.

Zar in Hebrew, Zayn-Raysh (7.200) has a gematria of 207. Its meaning is a scattering, a border, and the Crown of the Ark. The root Zayn-Raysh-Raysh is a sneeze.


      Awr ... is spelt just as it is spoken, with three consonants only: ALEPH-WAW-RAYSH (1.6.200).

      It occurs in the Bible almost from the very beginning, and evidently symbolizing a fundamental relationship between ALEPH and RAYSH. RAYSH expresses the notion of the universe. As (200) it is the fullest expression possibile of (2) which is BAYT: the dwelling. RAYSH is the immense physical support of everything that exists, that which contains everything, like a vast receptacle.

      Awr therefore expresses that ALEPH is connected (WAW) to RAYSH in such a way that it is as if the whole universe is being filled with its timeless power.

      ALEPH is being poured into the universe and is fertizing it, impregnating its own nature in everything that exists in time, perpetually.

      Awr therefore expresses the impregnation of the ALL by the ONE.

      In Hebrew awr is the word for light. It is, of course, far more than a mere physical concept, but just as Cantor's ALEPH symbol can convey a taste of the concept projected by ALEPH in the system of Qabala, so the physical properties of light convey a taste of what ALEPH-WAW-RAYSH means.

      Here are some strange properties of physical light:

      Only light itself can ever reach the speed of light. Light itself always travels at this greatest speed in vacuo.
      An infinite quantity of energy would be required to make any existing object travel at the speed of light. Consequently nothing that exists ever can.
      A clock, if it were possible for it to travel at the speed of light, would cease to register the passage of time.
      Time would have stopped for it. It would have 'caught up' with time. It would exist timelessly.
      Only light can move at the speed of light, therefore light exists timelessly.
      Light does not move in time. For itself, it is at rest in time. Only in space does it move in time.
      Yet Light, between the moments of emission and absorption, does not exist in space. In space-time, the moments of emission and absorption are the same event.
      This property is not able to be accurately represented by any figure in ordinary space. It is unimaginable.
      But it can be understood very simply using mathematical symbolism which can be used also to express things what are not light and understand them.
      Light illuminates everything upon which it falls. If the light is switched off, we are left in darkness.

     Suares, Cipher of Genesis from Tree II

'Or: Skin
200 6 70
Gematria: 276

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