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Recursive Expansion


The diagonal that constitutes the body of this sign begins with a Yod, the symbol of the existant. This diagonal expresses a life in movement, that links itself with all the other signs. According to Qabala, Aleph exists in every letter, and thus all letters being in existence must start with Aleph in existence, Yod. Furthermore, we see that Aleph is not a symmetrical letter but is almost symmetric and that none of the Autiot are symmetric as are our letters A,H,I,M,O,T,U,V,W,X. In physics we often search for symmetries at very deep levels and their existence adds to our understanding of physical phenomena. Yet the absence of symmetry or near symmetry, spoken of as broken symmetries by the physicist always manifests iself at all levels of physics. Thus we are led to believe that the breaking of symmetry is vital for Life and that we are not intended to be as perfect as crystalline structure.

The diagonal element of Aleph is thus the rupture of the inert crystal static state. One can well wonder why it has been found necessary to draw such a complicated symbol to signify the number 'one', whereas a single vertical line is enough in many writings. It is apparently not logical. The reason, of course, as we have been pointing out, is its meaning goes beyond that. The 'one' i.e. the digonal is both the separation and the union of two worlds. On the right top of Aleph there appears a hammer, a symbol of discontinuity because its action consists of beats, while on the lower left side there appears a leg walking in continous duration. The Aleph has always been the symbol of the greatest possible energy. In very ancient times it represented the head of a bull because that animal appeared as being the very prototype of power. As it is today, we can see it as a cross for it has those attributes, but it is a cross in movement, unseizable, a symbol of life that is double and mysterious. According to the categories of our thought, it is the sign of the motion of functions such as vibration and wave undulations or intemporal and temporal, or dicontious and continous, or the Bohr principle of complementarity, the wave-particile duality, or explosion and compression, or otherwise. It is a totality by itself.

The top line of our chart is Aleph, spelled out as Aleph-Lammed-Phay going from right to left. Next we have the Phay (80) spelt Phay-Hay (80-5). Hay is the only Aut that does not contain any other.

It expresses Life, a word that we thus are justified to write with a capital L. It is that Life that the Sepher Yetsira mentions when it is written that Adon Hakol 'authentifies' Abraham with Hay (Abram becoming Abraham). As we explained earlier, Phay (80) itself expresses the realisation of alternatives of living energy, a superposition of processes projected from Hhayt, the collective unconscious. Then we can view Aleph-Lammed-Phay as a word representing Aleph, its action through Lammed (30) gives rise to controlled animate motion of all things which then in turn allows the realisation of all alternatives of energy process (Phay). This action means that these alternative which are undivided become alive (Hay). (When Phay becomes Hay, Aleph becomes Eloh).

Next we move vertically downward into another dimension to represent the spelling of Lammed as Lammed-Mem-Dallet. We then have on the second line the spelling of of Mem which is itself in infinite repetition -- Mem-Mem-Mem, etc. Then horizontally on the thrid line we spell out Dallet as Dallet-Lammed-Tav, the Tav is spelled out further on the same line as Tav-Vav and Vav like Mem is an infinite repetition Vav-Vav-Vav, etc.

Through these actions, then, we see in this chart a characteristic of two indefinitely repetitive processes: the Mem nourishes itself with itself, being the waters in infinite pluratity, whose energy is almost nil (Mem is the second 'mother Letter'), and the Vav the sign of masculine copulative outer seeking energy for itself endlessly.

The movement of Lammed is entirely different.

Passing downward through the Mem of waters, it becomes organic life motion by developing its response to the information it receives from the waters. This response is the Dallet (4), the archetype of that which resists or opposes itself to Aleph, for otherwise the Aleph could not exist. The Dallet then by feedback stabilsation re-introduces this organic movement of Lammed which is thrust against the cosmic resistance of Tav which itself gives birth to endless outer seeking copulative active (Vav). The Tav is the symbol of the totality of of the cosmic resistance, the hard mirror to the explosive power of Aleph. And so it goes on endlessly repeating and resonating giving rise to the chain of lines through the action of Lammed and Dallet, with Lammed always passing through the waters Mem to the archetypes of resistance Dallet giving rise to Lammed passing through the waters ... ad infinitum.

When we integrate the sum of these processes into a single act or timeless flash of thought, we perceive, and receive the impact of this energy, both single and doubly, whose Life is that of the entire universe. Between Aleph and Tav is everything that exists, co-ordinated into a hierarchy. Whenever and wherever the explosive power of Aleph prevails, galaxies run towards their disappearance, the universe expands; wherever and whenever Tav prevails substance weighing thousands of tons per cubic centimetre exist.

With Aleph we have the rush outward of explosive light energy, with Tav, the reflection inward of the densest matter. Between the two is the human cycle. We as human beings must find our vocation, our path, which is to fertilise the repetitive memories of the Tav and use them to drive towards the creative explosion of Aleph.

In brief, the anatomic chart of Aleph shows, first of all, that it confers life and energy to the undifferentiated Phay, and thus initiates the process Eloh (i.e. to be clear on this, we have Aleph-Lammed-Phay, which is Aleph becoming Aleph-Lammed-Hay which is Eloh) mystically and traditionally, 'God.' It then shows that the organic movement of Lammed initiates a vibration in the 'waters', Mem, finally it illustrates the endless process of the biosphere in the game between Lammed and Dallet at each stroke yielding the endless male copulative force always outward seeking (the 30 of movement plays against the archetype 4 of resistance-response through the 40 of response yielding the procreative force, 6.)

That game is apparent in every letter that introduces Lammed and Dallet (Sheen, Bayt, Yod, Zayn, Ayn, Ghimmel, Hhayt, Tayt, Tsadde, Raysh and of course Dallet and Lammed themselves). Thus in discussing these letters we must keep this 'game' in mind, we need not comment any further on it. With this somewhat lengthy explanation of the reading of the Anatomic Chart of the Aleph, we have given all the necessary keys for the reading of most of the charts. We shall only add comments to new structures.

     Suares & Wolf, Spectrograms

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