Iysch / Eesh / Man : Esha/Isha / Woman

300 10 1
Gematria: 311

Esha / Woman

5 300 1
Gematria: 306

Two symbolic beings, free of instinctual automatisms -- "the past is no longer active in them."


Gen 2:23   And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

Esha is the feminine element of cosmic fire: she springs alive (Hay) from it (Aleph-Sheen). Eesh is that fire in existence.

The name of this woman is pronounced Esha: (Aleph Sheen Hay). Esha is the feminine element of cosmic fire, inasmuch as she springs from Esh, fire. Notice the spelling of Eesh for man: (Aleph Yod Sheen). Adam discovers this, his new name. (The addition of the Yod to the name of fire indicates that this "fire" comes into existence in man.) A remarkable feature of these ideograms (Eesh and Esha) is that Esha does not really exist although she is alive (she has no Yod but has the Hay of life). The fire, Esh , from which she proceeds, has neither life nor existence. It is a pure archetype Aleph-Sheen. As to Eesh, the man, he has the Yod of existence but no Hay: he is not really alive. Esha, abstract schema, spouse of the cosmic fire, remains inside Eden, whereas a different personification, Hheva, accompanies Adam in his earthly adventure. Eesh, the archetype of Adam-Elohim is therefore none other than the total process of mankind. Esha is initiated by Nahhash, the serpent, and imparts this initiation to Eesh. [The alchemical result of this initiation is Aisha. According to the above description she might be described as Esha + Eesh, the feminine fire that enlivens Man.]

    Suares, The Cipher of Genesis, p.113


Here he is, erect, heir to all that the earth has been able to generate from animal verticality, exploring in his field and he suddenly stops before an unexpected spectacle: two standing beings, vertical like him (and more than him). One is Adamxsy (the Aleph in blood - we assume the reader remembers our explanations). The other, of feminine aspect, is not embodied (we strongly insist on this point); it's Icha: 1-300-5. Icha is the wife of Ich, the fire. (Adamah, the cultivable soil, is the feminine of Adam; much later, Hheva - and not Eve - becomes the wife of the man and the mother "of all the living"). For the moment, the feminine element is Icha and, we repeat, is not embodied. It is the life of the cosmic breath of creative immanence. And let us specify, to define it better, that lcha has never been expelled from the Garden of Eden. Only Adam was expelled. The text is formal on this point (Gen. III 23/24 "And YHWH-Elohim sent him away from" Gan-Eden "to cultivate Adamah from which he had been taken. He drove out Adam ...)

Suares, Some Apprentice Sorcerers : Who is Jung?

See: Zakar-Neqivah and Adam and Hheva/Eve.

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