Bara: Creation

Day One

1 200 2
Gematria: 203

Full Expansion
Bereshit | Yom Echad

Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz

Suares:   Creation. "The surging -- or revolving -- action of perpetual creation gives birth to its own containers: Bara, Bar-Aleph means: son of Aleph."


Bayt: 2 : Archetype of Container, the first manifestation of the universe
Raysh: 200 : Cosmic container, equation of the Body of the Universe
Aleph: 1 : Timeless, intermittant, creation

Bara lays out the fundamental schema of creation without solving it. But the solution is already found embedded in the structure of the first Word.

The matrix must be read in all directions and circularly. It contains the internal expansions of each structural element and their inter-relationships.

Then, reading each letter (aut) according to its energetic-structural process, it is possible approach the meaning contained in the juxtapositions and sequences. This is not just a different language, it is a different kind of language -- analogical and recursive/self-referential, rather than descriptive and discursive.

One can "read" the encoded meanings "simply" by substituting their energetic translations. It is important to realize that the "meanings" are not arbitrary but instead are generated by the structure of the sign itself. In this sense, the code is self-validating since it generates an internally-consistent set of statements; another way of describing a recursive, hologrammatic language.

Here we find Aleph engendered endogenously in and by the totality of the universe. Bayt and Raysh contribute the existences of their containing structures to Yod-Yod, driving the motion of Lammed from Aleph into unstructured substance, Phay.

Complementing the explosive process of Aleph is the return shock and balance of energy flowing down the left column, from Tav through Sheen (again, first found buried in the cosmic container, Raysh) and ending also in the unstructured substance of Phay.

This is a description of the "creation" of a two-way flow of energy, from Aleph (infinite expansion) to Tav (infinite compression) and back, and is the structural/energetic "meaning" of the first word of Genesis.

Embedded in Bereshyt is Bara and embedded in Bara is Sheen-Yod-Tav, the "solution" made explicit in Bereshyt, the full equation of the two-fold process of creation. This mode of thought, based in a view of the universe as two-fold process of energy, is found at every level of development in both Genesis and The Sepher Yetisra.

And here also is the entire process of the Universe, from Aleph to Tav, with existence caught in the middle.

All this in the first three letters.

This first-order expansion of the first three letters of The Bible contains 9 interacting elements. A second-order development would show 19 combinations. The first two words of the Bible describe a double creation of inner and outer energies, two infinities in opposition and oneness.


Such is the scheme of the first three letters. In everyday language it is translated "to have created." And it's well what happened at the appearance-disappearance of the Aleph within the 2-200. Consciousness, which recognized first 2, then 200, could only struggle and collide with the Universe, and feel cruelly imprisoned and finally admit the reality of "there is" and of herself and reject her dreams of transcendence. Forced, compressed -- (by great compressive force) -- into its own immanence, its envelope (its identity) has burst. And from the fruitful decomposition of its contents, the Aleph could arise. If it has arisen, the resultant observation is BARA: it has created.

The ontological tradition teaches that as long as this fact has not occurred in the consciousness of the reader, it is better for him to meditate on these first three letters until the end of his days, rather than to continue reading.

After Berechiytt, the schema that presents itself is BARA :

Beitt/2 - Reich/200 - Aleph/1

This second scheme of the text is a resumption of the initial theme, situated in the absolute affirmation of the final = 1.000. Consciousness returns to its first observations and asks itself questions about them. topic. From the original 2, where container and content of consciousness-universe were undifferentiated, arose the flash of 1; and there, at this point, a differentiation took place. There the homogeneous has become heterogeneous. There took place an initiation, a change of state, in short, a creation. Tradition teaches that to create, it is to separate.

La Kabale Des Kabales

The second word in Hebrew is BARA. In Qabalistic depth understanding it means "ways of creation". Look at the word Bara--it is actually Bar-Aleph--that is, child of Aleph! Or if you will, the ways in which the immense potentials of the Aleph are born into time and space, how the high creative becomes immanent and actualized. In other words, birthing in a big way. So the text has as its true meaning, "Principles Of Creation: How To Do It." Or like I said, Genesis 101 and 102.
Jean Houston: The Powers of Genesis

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