400 10 300 1 200 2
Gematria: 913

Yom Echad | Archetypes of Genesis

Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz     [Gematria = 2701]

berê'shiyth bârâ' 'elohiym 'êth hashâmayim ve'êth hâ'ârets


Bayt:  Containers of existence, existence of containers; duality; thought.
Raysh:  Universe containing the existences, containing its own existence.
Aleph:  Upspringing of life, intermittant pulsation, invisible, new, always/never present.
Sheen:  Creation, cosmic movement, depth of movement, custodian of all possibility.
Yod:  Existence, projection of life, negation of existence, continuity in duration of all that duration destroys, manifested existence in time of Aleph.
Tav:  Sanctuary of energy, cosmic resistence to life which enables life to manifest.


Bereshyt is the primal statement of the Qabala, and contains the whole revelation in one word.

We may meditate endlessly on this initial equation which begins the story and compresses the whole process of creation descibed as the interplay of life/death and existence into six letters, and become that revelation in ourselves.

Bereshyt describes creation in a language where the signifier is the signified, and the map is the territory. It states that everything that is is the result of one dual energy, brought into creation by the Aleph (life/death, timeless) and Yod (existence, time) of Bereshyt.

Instead of poetic, but arbitrary translations, it is possible to follow the text of Genesis letter by Hebrew letter and watch coherent, visible structure emerge, in which every letter contributes to the whole meaning, and the whole is in every letter.

In order to get past the conditioning of our colloquial translations, we can begin reading with the analogy of formal logical statements or thermodynamic equations, and consider each Hebrew letter as one element of a basic set of 22 archetypal signifiers or energetic/formative structures. Each letter has both an energetic/numerical and a semantic/alphabetic aspect, each letter is composed of other letters of the basic set which determine its meaning and value and each letter does, or does not contribute to forming other letters of the set.

With that background, we can analyze the first 5 verses of Genesis in terms of the development (following Bereshyt) of these pairs of equations: heaven and earth; formless and void; darkness and light; (innner and outer light) night and day; morning and evening. All these pairs develop from the structure of Bereshyt.

We can then transcend these translations and follow the descendents of Aleph and Yod into manifestation, as they annouce the primary themes of Genesis, and begin the adventure of discovering a totally unseen dimension of a familiar reality.

Bayt-Raysh-Aleph: Life (consciousness) arises endogenously in the universe as a result of the containment of cosmic energy. It is not endowed from without, but arises as a result of God's presence in his creation.

Sheen-Yod-Tav: All of creation is the result of the interplay of the two players in the game of life -- life/death and existence. Aleph, timeless pulsation of life springing from containers, Yod, the evolutionary process of existence in duration, caught between cosmic movement and ultimate resistence. This theme pervades Genesis from the first word and is elaborated intensely in the energy-equations of the first verses of Genesis and in the primary equation pairs of Elohim and YHWH, man and woman, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and so on through Abraham and Lot, Issac and Ismael, Jacob and Esau, etc. See Archetypes of Genesis for a summary of those equations.

GENESIS CHAPTER 1:1 Mistranslated,   In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

In the original letter-numbers this is:

Bereshyt Barah Elohim et Ha Shamaim Vay et Ha Eretz.

Bereshyt:   Containers of existences, existences in their containers. Universe containing the existences, containing its own existence. (Movement of the Universe.) Upspringing of life, intermittent pulsation invisible, not thinkable; life always new, always present, never present.

Creation! Vertiginous movement, immeasurable movement, movement that transcends all conception. In the hidden depths of movement is the secret of existence. And this movement is the custodian of all possible possibilities. Existence, projection of life, negation of existence. (Everything that exists must cease to exist.) Apparent betrayal of life. Revelation! Life-death is One. And the collision, the shock of passive resistance of the mass, the hard, the dry, the stones: blessed resistance! Without resistance there could be no birth. This is the becoming.

Thus are introduced the two partners playing against each other: Aleph springing from its containers, and Yod smitten by the "breath" of Sheen pressing against all that resists it so as to contain it.

     Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.88

In our digitalized translations of Genesis we forget that not only are there no vowels, but there are no punctuation marks, including spaces in the original. Without being distracted by "In the beginning" and "create(d)" we can see the whole structure of double creation elaborated as both an inner and outer process in the second Bara. The focus of the equation is the Yod of existence. This double creation in Bereshyt-Bara is the basis for the double creation of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Genesis (outer and inner creation).

Bara Shyt Bara
1 200 2    400 10 300   1 200 2

It is necessary to release ourselves from idiomatic translations of this text, and begin to think analogically in terms of energy and structure. As soon as we accept "In the beginning" we are lost in a land of irrational thought.

Bara, Bayt-Raysh-Aleph, is creation, considered not as an event in the past, but as an on-going, everpresent miracle of manifestation. Bara, creation, states the problem. The solution, or the most basic "how" of creation is given in the rest of the equation: Shyt, Sheen-Yod-Tav. As a result of Aleph's presence in the universal container of Bayt-Raysh, Existence (Yod) can manifest between the movement of the universe (Sheen) and its ultimate capacity to resist (to) Life-Death (Tav).

The second Bara, Bara-Shyt-Bara, completes the initial statement, and brings a second creation into full view: manifestation is a result of a double creation of an inner (the contained) and an outer (the container) life. This double creation is defined as existence.

So it is not just conventional translations that we need to abandon, but also conventional modes of thought, if we are to begin to enter the world contained within the equations of Genesis. If we do, we will a find completely new story, of which the story we know is a shadow, and our interpretations the shadows of shadows.

Then, the true, inner story of Genesis, the story of how it is that anything at all exists and Man's place in God's creation, will unfold with the full complexity and beauty of the universe that it creates.

In Hebrew, each letter has its own spelling and structure. The first letter of creation is Bayt, but Bayt is spelled Bayt-Yod-Tav, so Yod and Tav are brought into existence in a latent form by Bayt. If we expand Bara, we see that it already contains the its own solution, the Sheen-Yod-Tav of Bereshyt:


Bayt, Bayt-Yod-Tav contains: Bayt, Yod, Tav, Waw, Dallet, Lammed, Mem.
Raysh, Raysh-Yod-Sheen contains: Raysh, Yod, Sheen, Waw, Dallet, Lammed, Tav, Noun.
Aleph, Aleph-Lammed-Phay contains: Aleph, Lammed, Phay, Mem, Dallet, Tav, Waw, Hay.

Three letters bring thirteen into manifestation and foreshadow everything in Genesis 1:1 up to the Tsadde of Eretz.


2 - 200 - 1 - 300 - 10 - 400 = BERECHIYTT

2: Consciousness-existing; 200: immeasurable consciousness and universe; 1: spontaneous emergence of immanent life; 300: cosmic dialectical movement; 10: Realized creative life; 400: resistance of the existing one. Tradition considers this scheme to be complete in itself. It reveals the equation of the Universe- Consciousness, an equation that contains its solution as an active ferment in individuals and societies and which is its own solution in the existing. Integrate these numbers, first in the order in which they occur. present, then in a single act of consciousness, it is to find oneself at the heart of revelation. To this end, he It may not be useless to read this scheme in every possible way. A first reading (Bara- Chiytt) oriented the mind towards the observation of a creation under the appearance of a becoming.

Another reading (BER-Achiytt) highlights a state of primordial purity (2-200), unpolluted, motionless and amorphous, where suddenly appears the 1, which 23 gives rise to the breath of the 300 and to becoming 10- 400 resulting. We can still consider the 10-400 scheme to be all that is generated by 200-1-300 (which is read "RACH" head or principle, in secular language). Another reading attached to the fundamental notion of a covenant pact: (covenant in Hebrew is called Briytt: 2-200-10-400). Read thus, Briytt-Ech, whose Aleph-Chinn scheme can mean fire, the two schemes together suggest a alliance with Fire (the symbol of living Fire often comes up in the myth). If we realize that the first letter Beitt and the last two Yod, Taw, form the word Beitt, we see that the principle Rach or Roch is contained in its "house", that is to say in the Existing. This remark is important. This "house" appearing here in full, reveals the Yod it contains. He's more still interesting to contemplate the 1 between 200 and 300 and the 10 between 300 and 400: 200-1-300; 300-10- 400. Better than through explanations, this scheme penetrates us through silence. As well, the Tradition insists that none of these insights be considered explanatory. At most, can they soften mind and open horizons where it should not wander.

The Tradition asks that we rather understand the successive and simultaneous appearance of the numbers 2- 1-3 in that order and why 2 and 3 are on the cosmic register and 1 in its state archetypal. She points out that the only numbers present here are 2, 1, 3, 4. The appearance of the 4 is deeply concerned with consciousness. There is an intimate and occult relationship between this number (which is that of power, royalty, authority, established power) -- and the 1. Conflicts between the 4 and their vehement demands on both sides have bloodied history. Some episodes of this drama have 24 upset and still upset consciences. Such is the Herod-Jesus opposition and the myth of Christ the King. The numbers 2, 1, 3 are primordial archetypes. the intellect imagines being able to capture them, abstract them and annex them, by implementing the power of 4.

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