Astrological Equations: Daghim: Pisces

Daghim / Pisces
40/600 10 3 4
Gematria: 57/ 617
Formative: qof
Edge: SL
Ruler: Tsedeq/Jupiter"


Traditional Meaning: Sensitiveness to superphysical influences, sense of unity with all life, mysticism, ripe destiny. Intuitiveness, inspiration, compassion, renunciation. seeing the unity of all things; the ends of cycles, forming "seeds" for the next cycle of growth.

Formative Meaning: Qof/100, Cosmic Consciousness, forms Daghim, resistance (4) and movement (3) proliferating in the Waters (10-40, Ym).

  Pisces is multiplicity in motion. Saturn dies (Mot) in Aquarius, just as the stuctures of evolution die one after the other. Jupiter is Shalom (at peace) in Pisces.

  At the end, at the 11th and 12th signs, the feminine and masculine find schematic settings which do not put obstatcles in the way of their emotional maturity. There they can fulfill themselves, and energy can resume its flight after passing through the weariness of all levels of human experience.     Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.155

Pisces is the proliferation of organic life -- It is important to realize that the last three signs can only be entered by "adequately evolved psyches." They represent simplified states of energy that "do not put obstacles in the way of the development of the male and female elements." Deli is the perfected state of womanhood, 90, the Star in Tarot. Daghim is perfected man, 100, symbolized by Qof and Qaheen (Abraham is 100 and Sarah 90 when YHWH changes their names).

In these schemas, an organic life is born and multiplies:
Ghedi: movement, response, existence
Deli: response,movement-now-existential, existence
Daghim: response, movement, existence, proliferation.

The last three signs are all simple structures and use only five letters -- Ghimmel, Dallet, Yod, Lammed and Mem -- and three multiples: 3/30 (Ghimmel/Lammed), 10 (Yod) and 4/40 (Dallet/Mem). They all lead into existence (Ghedi, Deli) and its proliferation (Daghim, Yod-Mem). For those who have realized (Ayn) the new birth of Ghedi, these are non-developmental environments, being simply the male (Qof) and female (Tsadde) components of the Self (Tsedeq: Tsadde-Dallet-Qof), which finds its rest in Daghim.

  10 4 3
  10 30 4
40 10 3 4
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