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Noun in final (the 50 becomes 700) is the Principle of Indetermination. The projection of Zayn (7) -- Ayn (70) -- Noun (700) represents the seed or probability amplitude - probability -- indetermination, the ultimate freedom. In physics, this is Heisenberg's Principle without which no universe is possible. It is vital and still eludes the physicists grasp and perhaps it is here that we see why, for it is a principle whose ultimate rationale lies on the cosmic side of the wall of light. Yet it is in projection Noun (50) which is life in man becoming ultimately cosmically indeterminate Noun (700) that we again find man's destiny.      Suares, Spectrograms

If you've made the journey from Aleph, you have reached the destination. The final two letters are yours to play with. The cosmic state of achieved freedom and indetermination found in final Noun is both the purpose and means of creation.

The first three final letters, Khaf, Mem and Noun, change their numbers, and therefore their meanings, when found in final form. The last two, Phay and Tsadde, are simply multiplied by one hundred, preserving their essential meanings on the cosmic level. The physical supports of Kaf/20 become the cosmic life of Kaf/500. The passive resistance of the waters of life of Mem/40 become cosmically fertile in Mem/600. And the existential life of Noun/50 becomes realized in the cosmic freedom and indetermination of Noun/700.

Noun ends every letter in the column of seven's (and Sheen). This is where life is realized, on every level. The Yod-Noun of Zayn and Ayn become the Waw-Noun of final Noun, where the two lives are found in interpenetration, and the inner, cosmic, life is ultimately realized. The transmutation of Noun to Noun Final is the goal of life.

Gan-Eden, the most dangerous place in the world. Canaan, land of uncertainty where development is assured. Final Noun, the life of Qof, Cosmic Consciousness, in existence: Cain.

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