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Mem in final (the 40 becomes 600) is the ultimate creation process of all that is. It is difficult to comprehend mem (40) itself for it represents that mysterious substance of water wherever life originates. Presently water still represents an unsolved problem in physics. We clearly know many of its properties but there are still deep problems. Nobel Laureate A. Szent-Gyorgyi writes that it is by the sun's light separating the elements of water that oxygen is given up to the atmosphere and plants form their structures by which life on earth is possible.

In Genesis I 6-8 it is written that God divided the waters. Perhaps there is a connection with the process of photosynthesis or perhaps here we hae the message of the two Mems 40 and 600 ... whereas Mem (40) is the non-resistance allowing life to continue, Mem (600) is the projection Vav (6) -- Sammekh (60) -- Mem (600), and thus is the ultimate autogenesis of the universe. It is both a projection cross-wise across the table of non-resisting response and the cosmic process of fertilisation. Perhaps here is the vital secret of the origin of life. At the Cosmic level Kaf (500) gives rise to the cosmic creativity of Mem (600).      Suares, Spectrograms

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