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Biological: Cell: Reacts to stimulations

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Suares:  Dallet, no. 4, is physical existence, as response to life, of all that, in nature, is organically active with Ghimel. Where the structure is inorganic Dallet is its own resistance to destruction.

Dallet (4) is all resistance or response to movement i.e. the response to all Ghimel of the Bayts containing Aleph. Dallet can be viewed as the interaction between material objects in states of motion. Dallet is Newton's discovery that between any two bodies there is an equal and opposite reaction, i.e. a response. Is is also the principle of inertia which is logically connected to the action-reaction concept of Newton. It gives the hardness of all solid material and it is the means by which we learn or take things in memory for it is the response or resistance offered to Ghimel that is recorded. The prefix "re" is Dallet.

     Suares, Spectrograms

In the logical sequence of the development of life, the fourth letter must be resistance/response to the organic movement which came into being with Ghimmel, 3, as a result of the infinite energy of 1/Aleph animating its containers (2/Bayts). This resistance will in turn enable the archetype of Life, Hay, 5, to come into being.

Dallet (Double Letter): spelled Dallet-Lammed-Tav, 4.30.400: Resistance/Response (Dallet, a is a resistance based in its own controlled organic movement (Lammed) rooted in the capacity to resist to life-death (Tav). Dalet is a door which can be open or closed to the energy/movement of Ghimel. It contains its own movement (Lammed), which meets the uncontrolled movement of Ghimel with a controlled response. With Dalet, all the pre-conditions for life have been met, and it will be realized in the next letter.

The two letters on either side of Hay/5, Life, are Dallet and Waw, resistance and propagation. Life resists/adapts to the flow and reproduces itself. Dallet provides Life with the capacity to resist and modulate the infinite flow of Aleph. When the capacity to resist Aleph directly is found in a biological pattern (Mem), it is called Aleph-Dallet-Mem: Adam.

Moving downwards, when the archetypal-level Dallet, an active biological resistance/response, is projected into existence it becomes Mem, the passive biological matrix from which all existing life arises. On the cosmic level, it is Tav, Aleph's mirror and the reason why Dallet is able to resist Aleph so that life can arise. Dallet contains Tav and the Lammed of Dallet contains Mem; both its projections are present as seeds within itself.

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The interplay of movement and resistance, stimulus and response, at the heart of life is driven by Dalet and Lammed, which contain each other's letters, and permute endlessly, fertilizing each other in their interlocked expansions. In their roots, they are the same letter.



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