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Kaf in final (the 20 becomes 500) is the action of Kaf in the cosmic. We remember that Kaf (20) is the physical container of Aleph, i.e. of Yod and thus in space-time, of man. Thus Kaf becoming 500 is man realising his cosmic ultimate which is Hay (5) projecting through Noun (50) to cosmic Life -- Kaf (500). It is here through the finals that we see the cross-connections of 20 projecting to 500 and of 5-50-500 and it is here that man's hope and destiny of cosmic fulfillment are found. It is here that we have universal life -- cosmic consciously alive.      Suares, Spectrograms

With final Kaf we pass through the cosmic door of Tav and enter the transcendent states of being represented by the last five letters of the full 27-letter Hebrew alphabet. The finals, Kaf through Tsadde, are five existential-level letters that appear beyond Tav in altered shapes to complete the alphabet.

In outline:
The physical supports of Kaf/20 become the cosmic life of final Kaf/500.
The passive resistance of the waters of Mem/40 become the cosmic fertility of final Mem/600.
The existential life of Noun/50 becomes the cosmic indetermination of final Noun/700.
The actual unstructured potentials of Phay/80 become the cosmic unstructured potentials of Phay/800.
And the existential formations of Tsadde/90 become the transcendent structures of Tsadde/900.

All these relationships (why are three displaced and two the same letter?) will become meaningful as we consider each letter.

Final Kaf: spelled Kaf-Phay: 500-80/800: is the cosmic life of Qof, cosmic consciousness. It is the projection of the archetypal life of Hay through the existential life of Noun to the cosmic level. It is the resolution of the conflict between the infinite unitary life of Hay and the existential double life of Noun which is the union of two lives: one life for the contained and one life for the container. Kaf's full spelling is used below:


Cosmic life is defined simply as (cosmic) physical supports for both cosmic and actual potentials-to-be (80/800).

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