Astrological Equations: Ghedi: Capricorn

Ghedi / Capricorn
400 300 100
Gematria: 17
Formative: ayn/ain
Edge: WL
Ruler: Ghedi/Capricorn


Traditional Meaning: Position, honors, ambition. Serious, determined, disciplined, focused. Career, social integration and position.

Formative Meaning: Ayn/70, realized freedom, forms Ghedi, movement (3) and resistance (4) in existence (10), a new birth.
  The priestly myth of the previous sign has no connection with reality.

  The mature psyche will cross the threshold and enter a new life with Capricorn, where the blessed Shabatai is alive.

  With this, we re-enter the Zodiac through its fourth door, and in four steps complete the twelve steps around the Zodiac, back to Hay and Toleh.

  Superficially, we can accomplish this by reading the formative letters in order: Ayn (70) forming Saturn opens every possbility: Tsadde (90) forming Aquarius destroys and builds structures: Qof (100) forming Pisces gives birth to the perfected man.

  Only adequately evolved psyches can enter these signs because Shabatai living in Ghedi, is none other than the "sanctification of the Seventh Day," a symbol whose realisation, considering the average state of human consciousness, is very far away.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.146

The priestly myth of the previous sign is the illusion of material perfection found in Qoshet/Sagittarius, formed ("almost ironically") by the repetitive female energy of Sammekh/60. We have seen that the zodiac describes a two-way flow of energy, in both an evolutionary (counter-clockwise, the months/signs through the year, building up of structures) and an involutionary (clockwise, precessional, backwards through the signs, de-conditioning) direction.

The "Third Door" is the evolution of material energy from Leo/Arieh, where its seed is formed, to Qoshet/Sagittarius, where its form is perfected. To enter the Fourth Door, the psyche must die to itself to be spiritually reborn in Ghedi/Capricorn, where the body of Shabatai is alive.

Capricorn and the spiritual birth in Ghedi represent the evolutionary goal of the human psyche, having evolved beyond the religions and ideologies of Sagittarius, and died to itself.

In an involutionary direction, Ghedi is the goal of human society, two thousand years in the future, as we stand at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, which will require the dissolution of all obsolete and out-of-date structures hindering human development.

The last three and first signs of the zodiac are all simple structures which describe organic life in states which do not "present obstacles" to the evolution of the psyche. After entering the Fourth Door, the male (Qof/Pisces) and female (Tsadde/Aquarius) energies of the Self are both realized, and Life is perpetually new in Toleh/Aries.

  10 4 3
  10 30 4
40 10 3 4
  5 30 9
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