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Gematria: 67/717
Full Expansion
Biological: Cell: Capable of actuating itself (indeterminate direction)

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Suares:   Zayn, no. 7, is the achievement of every vital impregnation: this number opens the field of every possible possbility.

Zayn (7) represents all the possibilities of that (Waw's) act of fertilisation. It is indeed the potential for possibilities and can be thus viewed as in quantum physics as the probability amplitude for anything. It may also be thought of as the primary principle of indeterminacy.      Suares, Spectrograms

With the reproductive energy of 6/Waw/Vav established, the door is opened to the indeterminate realizations of 7/Zayn. To review:

The infinite intemporal 1/Aleph is contained in 2/Bayt, which produces a movement with 3/Ghimmel which is met with a response by 4/Dallet. These four contain the seed of life (as response to the motion of material animated by Spirit), which is realized archetypally with 5/Hay, the balance between the seed, Aleph through Dallet, and its actualization in the last four Hebrew letters, Waw through Tayt.

The last four letters of the first level develop the seed of life in its external aspect. 6/Waw-7/Zayn-8/Hayt-9/Tayt: life's fertility (Waw) allows realizations (Zayn) which are indeterminate probabilities drawn from the sum of probability amplitudes or pool of possibilites (Hayt) which are available for structuration (Tayt).

Zayn guarantees that life is not a deterministic process, but is free (7) to explore all possibile possibilities (evolutionary niches) (8/Hayt).

Zayn: spelled Zayn-Yod-Noun: 7-10-50 (700): principle of indeterminacy (Zayn)-- existence (Yod) -- real-life (Noun). In the column of sevens (7-70-700), Zayn and Ayn are existentially and factually alive (rooted in Yod-Noun) while final Noun (700) is the union of two lives-in-existence (Noun-Waw-Noun). These are the realizations of life, on an archetypal, existential and cosmic level. They are drawn from the column of eights (8-80-800), which is alive with archetypal (Hay), instead of existential (Noun), life and built into structures in the column of nines, which has its roots in existence and resistance (Dallet, Yod and Tav).

3rd Triad
7 8 9
70 80 90
700 800 900

The last three letters of the archetypal level show the final structuration of Aleph before its incarnation as Yod, the first letter of the second level. With the potential to copy itself (Waw) achieved, Life is free to explore all possible possbilities. It does this with the last three autiot and actualizes (Zayn/7) potentials (Hayt/8) and forms a replicative structure or cell (Tayt/9) for the embodiment of Aleph in existence as Yod/10.

Zayn contains the seed realizations or probabilities that will become actual on the second level, in existence, as Ayn. Zayn is the power to make things happen. Hayt is what could happen. Tayt is a completed structure for Aleph to happen as Yod.

Iamblichus: Seven: critcial time, chance.

Qabala is a training of the mind that makes it so subtle and pliable as to allow it to pass through the mysterious doorway of human genesis and enter the sphere where life-death and existence carrry on their inter-play. Jointly, on both sides, the most precious gift of life is at stake: the principle of Indetermination, which allows all that can be to become.      Suares, The Cipher of Genesis, p.77

Zayn is the twentieth letter to enter into creation, when it appears in the word Zara', seed, in Gen 1:11.

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