Astrological Equations: Mozenaim: Libra

Mozenaim / Libra
40/600 10 50 7 1 40
Gematria: 148/708
Formative: hay/heh
Edge: SW
Ruler: Venus/Nogah


Traditional Meaning: Balance, justice, courtesy, hopefulness, artistic ability. Partners, marriage; learning how to get along peacably with others, treating others as equals. interdependency; encountering repressed parts of yourself through others (via projection). Peace, harmony, balance; social awareness.

Formative Meaning: Lammed/30, controlled organic equilibria, forms Mozenaim, the ear ('ozen, 1-7-50) listening for a revelation (Ki'Or) in the Waters (40-10-40, Mayim). The "balance" is between Aleph and Yod, imagination and reality. The first stage of objectification is an organic movement that will be realized in the next sign, 'Aqarav, formed by Noun, existential life.
The following sign, Mozenaim formed by the organic movement of Lammed, is an ambigous "balance" (Libra) in which the weight of Aleph in the first three letters (Mem, Aleph, Zayn) and the weight of Yod in the last three (Noun, Yod, Mem) creates in Venus, the sensual psyche, whose residence it is a state where dreams and imagination are mixed up with concrete reality.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.144

Mozenaim: the Ear (Aleph-Zayn-Noun) in the Waters (Mem-Yod-Mem).

Having gained actual existence (Yod/10 forms Virgo), energy can enter into objective reality with the seventh sign, Libra/Mozenanim (the first above the horizon) which is formed by Lammed/30. To recall, the signs begin with 5/Life and progress 5-6-7-8-9-10 before jumping to 30/organic (equilibrating) movement/energy transfer. On the western face of the Cube of Space, we encounter action, existential life and material perfection before coming to the choice of psychological death and rebirth at Capricorn/Ghedi. Note that Libra/Mozenaim, West-South, is the first diagonal lit by Sun/Hamah in the West.

Mozenaim: Mem-Aleph-Zayn--Noun-Yod-Mem balances the Aleph of intemporal life with the Yod of temporal existence. One exists in a state of indetermination; the other in a state of factual (Noun/50) existence. On another semantic level, Aleph-Zayn-Noun (Hebrew, ear) listens in the waters (Mayim) of existence: Mem-Yod-Mem for a revelation of which way to go. Nogah/Venus, formed by Pay/80/unconscious energy is the sensual aspect or input of our psyches. Its qualitiy here, Ki'or, is the inner schematic of imagination: Kaf-Yod-Ayn-Waw-Raysh: an actual container for the existence of the light of possbility (Ayn for Aleph in Aur). Such is the stuff of dreams and why Libras are good interior decorators.

Three signs have both Aleph and Yod in them: Gemini/Teomaim, Leo/Arieh and Libra/Mozenaim, all diurnal signs clustered around Leo, home of the Sun and physical energy. Teomaim and Mozenaim have the most complicated structures of the Twelve, with six letters each. They all show the operation of the Two Partners at different stages of either evoution or involution -- moving towards materialization or escaping from it.

Energetic Structure of the Zodiac: Last Six Autiot/Signs
30 50 60 70 90 100
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