Justice (The Scales)

30: Lammed forms Libra / Mozenaim

Keyword: Controlled organic movement
Formative symbolism: Justice=Libra=Lammed=30 = balance=equilibration=controlled movement = choice between Aleph and Yod in Mozenaim where Venus is an illusion.
The controlled connecting agent in the organic sphere.

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The iconography of this trump has one purpose: to point to the Scales of Justice, Libra, and its formative letter Lammed, 30, controlled organic movement. When the Wheel is recognized in its correct position above Justice, the theme of movement can be followed downward from the archetypal (uncontrolled organic movement, the Wheel, no human figures), to existential (controlled organic movement, equilibration) and cosmic levels in Sheen/Judgement, the Breath of God. Three figures on the Wheel, three points to balance, three risen bodies in the shape of Sheen. 3-30-300. What could be clearer?

Column of Threes: Movement
Early Sepher Yetsira
2 3 4
20 30 40
200 300 400

Libra/Mozenaim, the seventh sign and the first above the horizon, begins the zodiacal sequence of objective existence prepared by the sixth sign, Virgo/Betolah under the formative Yod/10. These signs are all in the existential range of 10's, except for Pisces/Moon/Qof, 100, where cosmic Aleph is perfected.

Energetic Structure of the Zodiac: Last Six Autiot/Signs
30 50 60 70 90 100
Controlled Existential Material Spiritual Feminine Masculine
Balance Life Realization Realization Perfection Perfection
The Objective Structures of Existence