The Hologram of the Hebrew Alphabet

The further the Autiot are studied the more it is realised that they are the complete Qabala, and that it is not advisible to lose oneself by reading two or three thousand ancient texts in search of knowledge which is distorted by conceptions unconnected with the cipher code of the Autiot.

One also realises that cabalistic thought is monolithic and that the expression closest to its source is The Sepher Yetsira.

This is why the book remains mysterious for people who call themselves cabalists but who lack the basis of the Autiot.

It is a complex study, consisting of a scripture, symbols and a language relating to the science of the structure of Energy, but never separate from the fundamental postulate of Unity.     SY p.30

The twenty-two glyphs/signs/letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bayt are a hyperlanguage and a hologram. Understanding this requires a new way of thinking, where each sign has both an alpha/consciousness and a numeric/energy-matter value, and is related to every other sign as components of a unified, living whole.

Each Hebrew letter is spelled with up to three (including itself) letters. Each of those letters have spellings which may end or continue the expansion. Each letter has a meaning and is part of and/or contributes to the whole. We are already in a new way of thinking, if only we could think about it.

Imagine that the word "imagine" was spelled with letters that had meanings, and the spelling of those letters had meanings, in sometimes infinite recursions, and the totality of the letters and the words they form had a meaning which meant a new kind of thinking, if we could imagine it.

The closest western thought has come to this way of thinking can perhaps be found in the work of the quantum physicist David Bohm : The whole is in every part.

"Bohm defined explicate order as the order of the physical world. He defined implicate order as the source of explicate order, and as an underlying whole that physical form constantly unfolds out from and enfolds back into ... in his later years he began to describe time as occurring within timelessness." Two Kinds of Order.

"Carlo was close friends with ... Henry Miller, Aldous Huxley, Lawrence Durrell and Krishnamurti. He met David Bohm but they did not hit it off." -- Sarfatti from Bibliography

Bohm & Krishnamurti | His basic thing was to go into thought, to get to the end of it, completely, and thought would become a different kind of consciousness | Implicate Order and Holomovement | Implicate and explicate order

In the historical irony dept. of so close, so far -- The implicate order was right in front of his nose. And ours too, buried in explicity.

See Anatomical Survey , | Semantic Structure, | Interior Structure, of the Hebrew Alphabet for context.

Here we focus on the inner struture and interrelatedness of the letters, which form the whole in every part of the implicate order of the alphabet -- the who, what, where, why, when and how anything at all exists.

Archetypal Level

1   Aleph Lammed Phay   111

Aleph infinite intemporal life-death - Lammed controlled organic movement / biological process - Phay undifferentiated sum of all living possibilites.

Lammed-Mem-Dallet: Mem: biological resistence - Dallet: archetypal resistence / response to life -- contains recursive Lammed, and Tav, cosmic resistance, Tav-Vav, the reflection and return of all energy.

Phay: Phay-Hay, life is in Aleph.

The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet contains eight letters in its full expansion and includes the beginning / Aleph and the end / Tav and the purpose / Hay / Life.

Holography: Aleph/1 + Lammed/30 + Phay/80 = 111 = 1/Aleph + 10/Yod + 100/Qof = One on every level.   Coincidence.

The non-thinkable has for its symbol the Aleph (1). The Aleph is always itself and never itself. It is ever recurring, though never the same. Aleph creates, it is creation, it is not created, yet it exists. It has no existence because all existence is continuous. It has no memory, having no past. It has no purpose, having no future. If one retains it, it remains retained,. If one buries it, it remains buried. If one sets aside its obstacles, it is action. It breaks down resistances, though resistances are never broken by it. Without these, Aleph does not become manifest. Without Aleph, there would be nothing at all.

Such is the image of Aleph. Aleph itself is beyond all consciousness, human or cosmic. The image of Aleph is only an image, for Aleph belongs neither to time nor to space. Aleph is beyond the realm of our thought, beyond the reach of our mind.

Suares, The Cipher of Genesis, p.66

2   Bayt Yod Tav   412

If Aleph, spelled Aleph-Lammed-Phay projects (Lammed) into unstructured substance (Phay), Bayt announces the counterpart theme of the dual structuration of energy: the response of Tav. Infinite energy expands though the alphabet to Tav, where it meets its mirror, infinite compressive energy, and is reflected back. These two flows, or "breaths," corresponding to the structuration of material and psychological (spiritual) energies, create all that exists.

Bayt, abstract archetype of containing energy or structure, shows what a generalized container is from the inside by its spelling. Bayt-Yod-Tav: 2-10-400: Bayt: archetypal container -- Yod: in existence -- Tav: cosmic resistance. Bayt's roots span the three worlds: it already contains Aleph's projection in existence, Yod and it ends with the last letter of the alphabet, Tav, Aleph's mirror reflection.

The first two letters establish the complete dual circuit of energy, from Aleph to Tav and back: Aleph acts on unstructured substance; Tav gives existence to containers for Aleph.

3   Ghimmel Mem Lammed   73

Ghimmel is spelled Ghimmel- Mem- Lammed (3.40.30): (uncontrolled) movement - passive resistance - (controlled) movement shows archetypal movement penetrating the biosphere (any pattern of biological resistance) and giving rise to organic, controlled, movement (biological equilibria).

3/Gimmel's archetypal movement, a direct result of the infinite energy of Aleph upon its containers (Bayts) is infinite and uncontrolled -- it has not yet met the resistance of life (4/Dallet) -- although its structure (Mem-Lammed) is rooted entirely in the existential-level energies (40-30) of biological response and (controlled) movement. Ghimmel is, in fact, defined as a double (biological) movement: the uncontrolled outer flow of life (3) and the inner, controlled balance. Lammed (30), Ghimmel's mirror in existence, reverses the equations. The outer, controlled movement of the same biological pattern is rooted in Dallet, (archetypal) resistance (to uncontrolled Ghimmel on the level above).

4   Dallet Lammed Tav   434

In the logical sequence of the development of life, the fourth letter must be resistance/response to the organic movement which came into being with Ghimmel, 3, as a result of the infinite energy of 1/Aleph animating its containers (2/Bayts). This resistance will in turn enable the archetype of Life, Hay, 5, to come into being.

Dallet : spelled Dallet-Lammed-Tav, 4.30.400: Resistance/Response (Dallet) is a resistance based in its own controlled organic movement (Lammed) rooted in the capacity to resist to life-death (Tav). Dallet is a door which can be open or closed to the energy/movement of Ghimel. It contains its own movement (Lammed), which meets the uncontrolled movement of Ghimel with a controlled response. With Dallet, all the pre-conditions for life have been met, and it will be realized/fulfilled in the next letter.

The two letters on either side of Hay/5, Life, are Dallet and Waw, resistance and propagation. Life resists/adapts to the flow and reproduces itself. Dallet provides Life with the capacity to resist and modulate the infinite flow of Aleph. When the capacity to resist Aleph directly is found in a biological pattern (Mem), it is called Aleph-Dallet-Mem: Adam.

5   Hay   5

The archetype of Life, is the only Hebrew letter that is spelled with one letter: Life is One.

Life in existence, Noun is spelled with two of itseelf connected by Waw: Noun-Waw-Noun and is dual: inner and outer life in interpenetration.
Only one Hebrew letter besides itself contains Hay on the first level expansion: Phay, spelled Phay-Hay: actual undifferentiated, unstructured energy/possibilities for life. LIfe is One and qualifies nothing, being the totality of all that could live. Phay Final can only be itself in final, exalted form: all that is possible, cosmically alive. Phay is found in three letters: Aleph, Qof and Kaf (and final).

6   Waw Waw   12

Waw : spelled Waw-Waw is simply a copy of itself. One other letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Mem, spelled Mem-Mem, has only itself for a root. Waw fertilizes; Mem receives. Besides appearing in itself, Waw contributes to the spelling of Yod, Noun, Qof and Tav, where it is the connecting agent between existence and resistance (Yod), between inner life and outer life in life-in-existence (Noun), between cosmic consciousness and real possibilites (Qof), and between Tav and the rest of the alphabet.

7   Zayn Yod Noun   67 / 717

Zayn guarantees that life is not a deterministic process, but is free (7) to explore all possibile possibilities (evolutionary niches) (8/Hayt).

Zayn: spelled Zayn-Yod-Noun: 7-10-50 (700): principle of indeterminacy (Zayn)-- existence (Yod) -- real-life (Noun). In the column of sevens (7-70-700), Zayn and Ayn are existentially and factually alive (rooted in Yod-Noun) while final Noun (700) is the union of two lives-in-existence (Noun-Waw-Noun). These are the realizations of life, on an archetypal, existential and cosmic level. They are drawn from the column of eights (8-80-800), which is alive with archetypal (Hayt), instead of existential (Noun), life and built into structures in the column of nines, which has its roots in existence and resistance (Dallet, Yod and Tav).

Zayn contains the seed realizations or probabilities that will become actual on the second level, in existence, as Ayn. Zayn is the power to make things happen. Hayt is what could happen. Tayt is a completed structure for Aleph to happen as Yod.

8   Hayt Yod Tav   418

Hhayt, as the seed of un-evolved, unstructured, energy, contributes to the spelling (structure) of no other letter. It is the darkness of Hhoskekh, the wisdom of Hhokmah, the heat of the Sun and the consciousness of Eve.   As the archetype of pure unstructured consciousness/energy it is inner life, the counterpart of the outer, evolutionary life of Hay.

9   Tayt Yod Tav   419

The last three letters of the archetypal level show the final structuration of Aleph before its incarnation as Yod, the first letter of the second level. With the potential to copy itself (Waw) achieved, Life is free to explore all possible possbilities. It does this with the last three autiot and actualizes (Zayn/7) potentials (Hayt/8) and forms a replicative structure or cell (Tayt/9) for the embodiment of Aleph in existence as Yod/10.

Existential Level

10   Yod Waw Dallet   20

10/Yod begins the existential level, following the structuralizing of the first nine summed up in the seed or cell of existence, 9/Tayt, which completes the archetypal level. The second nine letters, which form the existential level, have the same horizontal relationships as the levels above and below: 10/Yod, existence, is contained in the physical supports or containers of 20/Kaf which produces the biological equilibria of 30/Lammand nurtured in the waters of passive resistance, 40/Mem, all of which provide the necessary qualities for life-in-existence, 50/Noun, which propagates with 60/Sammekh, realizes with 70/Ayn from the actual potentials of 80/Phay to build a complete formation in existence with 90/Tsadde.

The existential (10-90) level is the mirror or reverse of the archeyptal (1-9) and their conflict is resolved on the cosmic level (100-900). Aleph is infinite consciousness, unaware of itself; The projection of infinite consciousness (Aleph) into spacetime is existence and limited consciousness (Yod). Their reconciliation is the cosmic consciousness of Qof, which, when it is alive in existence itself, is spelled Qof-Yod-Noun, Qaheen and Cain.

20   Kaf Phay.   100 / 820

Kaf (double Letter): spelled Kaf-Phay: 20.80: is 2/Bayt in existence. Bayt is structured (it has roots in existence and cosmic resistance) but Kaf is only the passive support for other structures: spelled Kaf-Phay (20-80) it receives (has its roots in) unstructured energy/possibility. Kaf is alone (except for Hay and Phay) in having no specific internal structure; it "contains" only possibility; its full expansion is Kaf-Phay-Hay, physical supports (20) for the possibilites (80) of life (5).

30   Lammed Mem Dallet.   74

Lammed: spelled Lammed-Mem-Dalet: the projection of the infinite, uncontrolled movement of Ghimmel into existence as controlled motion and biological equilibria. The structures of Ghimel (3-40-30) and Lammed (30-40-4) are mirror images except for the interchange of 3 and 4. When the archetype Ghimel enters existence, it flips its (horizontal) structure and changes movement (3) to resistance (4).

The columns of threes and fours are unique in their interdependence: Ghimmel, Dallet, Lammed and Mem contain only energies from the third and fourth column, movement and resistance: the four require only themselves plus Tav to be spelled. They are reciprocal structures built from each other's energies and reflect the tightly interwoven biological process of stimulus (3-30) and response (4-40) by which the organism adapts to inner and outer life. The whole is in every part of the whole.

40   Mem Mem   80 / 640

Mem: spelled Mem-Mem: 40-40. Mem, like Waw, contains only a copy of itself. The gematria of Mem-Mem is 40+40 = 80, Phay, the sum of actual possbilities. The structure for actualizing them is Mem-Yod-Mem, the passively resistant Waters (Mayim is waters in Hebrew) of existence, which nuture all life. The gematria of Mayim is 40+40+10 = 90, Tsadde, a realized structure.

Besides Mem itself, only three letters have Mem within them -- Ghimmel, Lammed and Sammekh -- uncontrolled, controlled and interior organic movement. All the threes (3/30/60) have fours (4/40/400) within them and vice-versa.

50   Noun Waw Noun   106 / 756

Noun : spelled Noun-Waw-Noun: 50-6-50/700: only three Hebrew letters have Vav in the middle term -- Yod, Noun and Qof. Noun/50 is the projection of the archetypal seed Hay/5 of life into existence: it is existential life in duration, which propagates copies of itself "according to its seed" in time.

60   Sammekh Mem Kaf   120 / 600

Only two Hebrew letters are fully enclosed -- Sammekh/60 and final Mem/600. Sammekh reproduces itself; Cosmic Mem is "the ultimate autogenesis of the universe".

Only two Hebrew letter reproduce themselves in their spellings -- Waw and Mem (because Hay, Life, is singular). Samekh, female, contains its own solution -- the potential for Cosmic Fertility (Mem final) within itself, at its core, realized by the transformation of Kaf/20 of individual (repetitive) containers to Kaf/500, universal cosmic Life.

70   Ayn Yod Noun   130 / 780

70-10-50 (700): actual probabilities (Ayn/70) for the realization in existence (Yod/10) of factual life (Noun/50). The first Noun we find in any of the spellings appears in Zayn/7, which has its roots in Noun just as Ayn/70 and Noun/700 do. The column of sevens (7-70-700) is existentially (10) and factually (50) alive and in its cosmic realization (700), is symbolized by two existential lives in interpenetration (Noun-Waw-Noun).

Compare with the column of eights, which is archetypally alive with Hay instead of Noun. Zayn/7 realizes its indeterminate potentials from the unstructured and undifferentiated seed possibilities of Hhayt/8. Zayn projects into the actual existential realizations of Ayn drawn from the actual living potentials of Phay (-Hay).

In all their interwoven complexity, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet generate only two shared families of roots: the horizontal Yod-Tav of Bayt, Hayt and Tayt, and the vertical Yod-Noun of Zayn, Ayn and Sheen-(Yod-Noun).

80   Phay Hay   85

Phay [Double Letter]: spelled Phay-Hay: 80-5. Phay is the only letter with 5/Hay/Life in its direct spelling. Life, spelled only Hay (see Hay for why), is unitary and Phay, spelled Phay-Hay, has no structure beyond life itself. The column of eights are archetypally (Phay-Hay) alive in contrast to the existential and factual (Yod-Noun) life of the column of sevens. Phay and its life appear in only three letters: 1/Aleph, 20/Kaf, and 100/Qof.

90   Tsadde Dallet Yod   104

Tsadde-Dallet-Yod: 90-4-10: a realized structure (90) based in physical resistance (4) in existence (10). Tsadde is the projection of Tayt, the archetypal cell or formation, into existence. Tsadde sums up its level just as Tayt does; this time in a structure for Yod (finite existence) instead of a structure for Aleph (infinite life). On the Existential level, The letters Yod (Yod-Waw-Dallet) and Tsadde (Tsadde-Dallet-Yod) begin and end in Yod, a complete circuit that perpetuates itself in space-time. Tsadde is the only letter to end with Yod as it gives a structure to existence itself.

Cosmic Level

100   Qof Waw Phay.   186 / 906

100-6-80: Cosmic consciousness -- copulation/interpenetration -- actual possibilities. Qof, cosmic Aleph, simultaneously Aleph (Timeless) and Aleph against itself, Yod (Time).

Aleph, Aleph in Existence, and Aleph aware-of-itself in existence beyond space-time are the primary forms of consciousness that each row of nine completes on three levels of reality.

Just as Tayt/9 completes a cell for Aleph to appear in existence as Yod, Tsadde/90 completes a living formation or structure for Qof to manifest. Tsadde is generalized feminine structural energy: it builds structures and replicates them in space-time. The masculine, cosmic-level Qof cannot appear without the existential structure of the feminine perfected Tsadde.

200   Raysh Yod Sheen   510

The full structure of Raysh is literally the key to the universe. Once again, we see the central theme of the Qabala, the dual structuration of the One energy in the two Yods of Raysh and its inner Sheen, which branch into two existences rooted in two Tavs, around a central double existential life (Noun-Waw-Noun endlessly). Life arises endogenously from the multiverse itself: life that is rooted in the double existence of the container (Bayt-Kaf-Raysh) and the contained (Aleph-Yod-Qof).

300   Sheen Yod Noun.   360 / 1010

Sheen, 300, Rouhh Elohim, arises endogenously from within the universe (Raysh) itself -- life is not endowed from the outside. Raysh is the only letter whose last letter is the first letter of the next letter. The two Sheen's of Raysh and Sheen (the only places they appear in the full spelled-out alphabet) are the two intertwined energies of structuration: the breath from above (turning spirit into matter); and the breath from below: turning matter into spirit.

Only three letters share the Yod-Noun root: Zayn, Ayn, Sheen. These three all bring existential life (Noun) into existence (Yod) (see Raysh). In Sheen we find the myth of the universal life-force energy.

400   Tav Vav   406

Tav is spelled Tav-Vav. Vav/Waw contributes to the spelling of Yod, Noun and Qof as the connecting/interpenetrating agent between the first and last letters.   Waw-Dallet connecting Existence and Resistance. Waw-Noun, inner and outer existential life. Waw-Phay, Cosmic Consciousness and the sum of all possibilities.

Tav -- with Waw, Kaf, Mem and Phay -- is one of five letters spelled/formed with only two letters.

Waw and Mem end with themselves. Kaf and Phay end with Phay and Hay -- physical supports for all possibilites and all possibilites alive.

Tav, the last non-final letter, is simply Tav-Vav, connecting/reflecting all the other letter/energies back to the beginning -- timeless Aleph, which is the biological movement Lammed of timeless infinite life-death Aleph into all possibilites Phay in existence.

Tav (Tav-Vav) is the only letter with Vav as a single root besides Vav itself (Vav-Vav). Vav connects ("ands") other letters. Tav connects with all the letters, being the ultimate sanctuary of their energies.


500: Final Kaf/Khaf   With final Kaf we pass through the cosmic door of Tav and enter the transcendent states of being represented by the last five letters of the full 27-letter Hebrew alphabet. The finals, Kaf through Tsadde, are five existential-level letters that appear beyond Tav in altered shapes to complete the alphabet.

Final Kaf: spelled Kaf-Phay: 500-80/800: is the cosmic life of Qof, cosmic consciousness. It is the projection of the archetypal life of Hay through the existential life of Noun to the cosmic level. It is the resolution of the conflict between the infinite unitary life of Hay and the existential double life of Noun which is the union of two lives: one life for the contained and one life for the container. Cosmic Life is a container / supports / body for all possibilities alive.

600: Final Mem   In Genesis I 6-8 it is written that God divided the waters. Perhaps there is a connection with the process of photosynthesis or perhaps here we hae the message of the two Mems 40 and 600 ... whereas Mem (40) is the non-resistance allowing life to continue, Mem (600) is the projection Vav (6) -- Sammekh (60) -- Mem (600), and thus is the ultimate autogenesis of the universe. It is both a projection cross-wise across the table of non-resisting response and the cosmic process of fertilisation. Perhaps here is the vital secret of the origin of life. At the Cosmic level Kaf (500) gives rise to the cosmic creativity of Mem (600).   Suares, Spectrograms

700: Final Noun   If you've made the journey from Aleph, you have reached the destination. The final two letters are yours to play with. The cosmic state of achieved freedom and indetermination found in final Noun is both the purpose and means of creation.

Noun ends every letter in the column of seven's (and Sheen). This is where life is realized, on every level. The Yod-Noun of Zayn and Ayn become the Waw-Noun of final Noun, where the two lives are found in interpenetration, and the inner, cosmic, life is ultimately realized. The transmutation of Noun to Noun Final is the goal of life.

800: Final Pay/Phay   Phay in final (the 80 becoming 800) is its own projection of Hhayt (8) -- Phay (80) to Phay (800). Here we find that the alternatives of living energy beginning in the pool of unstructured energy -- coming into life -- comes ultimately into cosmic or universal energy, literally all is possible.   Suares, Spectrograms

900: Final Tsadde   Tsadde in final (the 90 becomes 900) is the ultimate realisation and accomplishment of the universal structure. It progresses from Tayt (9) the primary cell to Tsadde (90) -- the living cell and female principle of coming together -- to the ultimate Tsadde (900) the sign of transfigured female and supreme beauty.   Suares, Spectrograms