Recursive Expansion


Sheen, spelled Sheen-Yod-Noun and Noun spelled as Noun-Vav-Noun-Vav-etc., in endless double bonding. Thus we have the active agent of Aleph, the cosmic breath of 'God' or cosmic movement -- acting through existence- space-time (Yod) -- giving rise to Life in Man (Noun 50) which then endlessly through copulation gives rise to Man which through copulation ... and so on. Or we can give Noun its cosmic significance, Noun (700) wherein the cosmic wind Seen acting against existence is reflected in the Noun (700) yielding the principle of indetermination, which propagates like seeds from a dandelion endlessly yielding multiples of indeterminacy at the cosmic level.

This chart is both for Sheen and Seen: one single letter in a double vibration: Sheen acting wave-like and Seen acting particle-like. In an approximate statement we can say that the action of Sheen finds its response in Noun (50) i.e. life in existence, whereas Seen, when fulfilled, meets Noun (700) the principle of cosmic indetermination. Through either picture, and both are right, Sheen leads the Dallet-Lammed game of existence.

It is clear why Aleph, Mem and Sheen are mother letters for in them all the ingredients of the game are contained. The reason is that in Aleph we have the archetype of maximum energy, in Mem we have the minimum energy, and in Sheen we have the movement from Aleph towards and through Mem. This process is found in our own atmosphere whenever a high pressure area (Aleph) and a low pressure area (Mem) are near enough to allow the one to feed the other by convection (Sheen).

Sheen is the cosmic vital flow from Aleph. It acts upon the waters (Mem) cosmically and thus nourishes them, providing the life sustenance. But this sustenance is not to be confused with food. For before life can eat it must exist. Sheen carries the vital seed of consiousness from Aleph. It is that which is deposited in the waters, and it is that that characterises life. Life is knowledge and is thus a mystery. Here we begin to offer a clue, a speculation. We kow that water is a mystery. It is caable of being analysed in many ways. Its molecular structure when in the liquid state is not completely known or understood. Even in the gaseous state our atmosphereic scientific investigations find its basic stucture H2O linked with itself forming 'complexes' of greater complexity.

Water exists. It is Mem (40). But 4-40-400 symbolises the prefix 're' as in resist, respnd and also in record, remember. That is, water is capable of holding a pattern, i.e. remembering. Our brains are nearly all water. We are nearly 70% water. Sheen gives to water the property of storing information-knowledge.

We see water as a projection of Aleph. It is a projection from unconsciousious consciousness. It is in the state of the darkness of mind unaware of itself. In this state Mem is the symbol of a fundamental contradiction, whose name is consiousness. Sheen projects into it (Sheen-Mem-Yod-Mem) Shamiyim and thus attempts to resolve this contradiction by becoming aware of itself.

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