Recursive Expansion


Two letters which Link the Two Flows, Energy and its Inverse: Zayn and Ayn.

The amplitude of probability Zayn acts in existence to give rise to Noun (50) or Noun (700) which itself acts copulatively ever reproducing itself.

Through either connection we must pass through space-time (Yod) thus giving rise to the biological game of Dallet-Lammed. For the physicist, this is a signifcant letter for we see that Zayn (7) like Sheen (300) gives rise to Man, the container of Yod in space-time (Noun 50) and/or to the Principle of Indetermination Noun (700). As Sheen could be viewed as Psi the wave function, Zayn is the amplitude of a probable occurrence or event. As itself it is represented by a complex function or number in quantum mechanics, thus it has both a real and imaginary part. Its imaginary part keeps it from being measured in space-time and so its domain is at the archetypal seed level. Its action is both cosmic and existent.      Suares, Spectrograms

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