Recursive Expansion


Every drop of water responds to the other drops, so the living cells can develop without meeting any static resistance to stop them from doing so.   Mem is the state of minimum energy.

Sheen is the cosmic vital flow from Aleph. It acts upon the waters (Mem) cosmically and thus nourishes them, providing the life sustenance. But this sustenance is not to be confused with food. For before life can eat it must exist. Sheen carries the vital seed of consiousness from Aleph. It is that which is deposited in the waters, and it is that that characterises life. Life is knowledge and is thus a mystery. Here we begin to offer a clue, a speculation. We kow that water is a mystery. It is capable of being analysed in many ways. Its molecular structure when in the liquid state is not completely known or understood. Even in the gaseous state our atmospheric scientific investigations find its basic stucture H2O linked with itself forming 'complexes' of greater complexity.

Water exists. It is Mem (40). But 4-40-400 symbolises the prefix 're' as in resist, respond and also in record, remember. That is, water is capable of holding a pattern, i.e. remembering. Our brains are nearly all water. We are nearly 70% water. Sheen gives to water the property of storing information-knowledge.

We see water as a projection of Aleph. It is a projection from unconsciousious consciousness. It is in the state of the darkness of mind unaware of itself. In this state Mem is the symbol of a fundamental contradiction, whose name is consiousness. Sheen projects into it (Sheen-Mem-Yod-Mem) Shamiyim and thus attempts to resolve this contradiction by becoming aware of itself.

     Suares, Spectrograms


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