Recursive Expansion


Bayt, the archetype of forms, Hhayt, the archetype of non-elaborated substance or undivided structures or alternatives, and Tayt, the archetype of a differentiated structure, the cell, have the same anatomy. All three show that their existence (Yod) comes from Tav. As in Bayt we have two fertilisations through Tav and Yod, they both may be viewed as giving rise to organic life through Dallet-Lammed. The first comes from Tav the Tabernacle of Aleph and the second from Yod, Aleph in existence.

In Genesis we have the equation Elohim, life through Aleph. Also in the equation Yod-Hay-Waw-Hay (Yahweh, sometimes Jehovah, mentioned as the Lord) we have two lives from the two Hay. When Abram is said to receive a Hay of Life and become Abraham, he was obviously alive before receiving it. The extra Hay can be considered as being the 'inner life'. The contention sometimes becoming a violent conflict, between those who posses the '2 lives' (Cain, Jacob, Jesus) and those who only have Elohim's (Abel, Esau, the apostle Peter) has its climax in The Song of Songs , the holiest of scriptures according to Aqiva.      Suares, Spectrograms

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