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Gematria: 85
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Biological: A neuter membrane surrounding the cell, it is across it that the cell derives its nourishment from the plasma where all the cells bathe and that it (the cell) frees the products that it works out by its participation in the life of the group.
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Suares:   Hayt-Pay-Phay in finals (8.80.800): in every sphere of the emanation, from the densest to the most rarefied essence, these numbers stand for the primordial substance, the unfathomed reserve of undifferentiated, unstructured energy.

Phay (80) is Hhayt (8) in existence. It is the summing up of the realisation of alternatives of living energy. While Sammekh and Ayn refer to process Phay is the superposition of processes. If we view Hhayt as a primary sum of probability amplitudes in which many states contribute, then Phay is the realisation of that sum as a definite probability. (Leads to Tsadde).      Suares, Spectrograms

Realization (Ayn/70) of actual possibilites (Phay/80) leads to a definite structure (Tsadde/90).

Phay [Double Letter]: spelled Phay-Hay: 80-5. Phay is the only letter with 5/Hay/Life in is direct spelling. Life, spelled only Hay (see Hay for why), is unitary and Phay, spelled Phay-Hay, has no structure beyond life itself. The column of eights are archetypally (Hay/5) alive in contrast to the existential and factual (Yod-Noun) life of the the column of sevens. Phay and its life appear in only three letters: 1/Aleph, 20/Kaf, and 100/Qof.

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  5 80
  5 800

22 Autiot Yassod + Finals
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