Ve Hhoskekh Al-Phani Tehoum:
Darkness on the Face of the Abyss:
All that might be is present in the depths of unstructured energy

Yom Ehhad

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Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve- Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum
And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Ok, but where did the "darkness" come from? Was it part of the Heavens or the Earth? We don't even have light yet, how can there be darkness? Unless we've totally suspended belief back at the Beginning, we are thrust into another contradiction. Do we really not expect our most sacred and "Holy" (it says right there in the title) texts to make sense?

Endless rationalizations and apologetics have been built around Genesis. It is possible to cut through the knot of belief and skepticism and read a text that actually does make sense, whether you believe it or not -- as can be verified or disproved by learning a little of the hyperlanguage it was written in and seeing for yourself.

Having seen the first separate expositions of Aleph and Yod, Eretz and Shamain, and the description of Eretz as Ha-Tohu Ve-Bohu, here we begin another double-description with the darkness of Hhoskekh and the light of Awr. Eretz and Awr represent structured energies (Aleph in the structures of Tsadde and Raysh) and Shamaim and Hhoshekh represent unstructured energies (Sheen impacting Mayim and arising from the Hayt of Hhoshekh, archetype of unstructured, unconscious energy).

Just as "Desolation and Waste" told us nothing about the structure of Eretz called Ha-Tohu Ve-Bohu, "darkness was on the face of the deep" tells us nothing about the unstructured (therefore available for new structures), real possibilities and potentials of Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum.

In translation, Tohu, our "waste" or "void" misses the connection with (the) "deep," our Tehoum, the same word with Mem added: unstructured fertile life (Tohu, without form) is projected into biological resistances (Mem) and becomes (the) "deep/abyss." How it does this is explained by Hhoskekh Al-Phani: a vast reservoir of unstructured/unconscious potential (Hayt) connected by the Cosmic Metabolism/Breath of Elohim (Sheen) with the Cosmic Life (Kaf) (Hhosheck) (our "darkness") acts on (Al) real unstructured potentials (Phay) for existential life (Noun) in actual existence (Yod) (Phani) (our "towards face").

One of many important things to understand about the interplay of Aleph and Yod in the Great Game of Life-in-Existence is that creation is not just the piling up of the structures of creation, but the continuous interplay of structured and and unstructured energies. Creation doesn't just create stuff, it creates the potentials for stuff, i.e. unstructured stuff. And this unstructured stuff is alive and fertile in its very depths with the possibilities of all that could be.