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Wake Up Neo!
There is no zero key.
The Magicians were wrong.
Seven keys are still hidden in plain sight.
Twenty-two in two directions open the universe.
The Tarot is an encrypted key to the alphabet of creation.

This is really pretty simple.

Conventional and traditional wisdom is wrong and needs to be abandoned for any real progress in understanding the meaning of the Tarot to be made.

The Tarot (the twenty-two Major Arcana) are a symbolic summary of the inner meanings of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. That is why twelve zodical + seven planetary + three elemental = twenty-two Tarot = three Mother letters + seven double letters + twelve simple letters = twenty-two Hebrew letters. All the symbols found in the Tarot are easily and completely derived from astrological and Hebrew formative languages. The Tarot are most usefully viewed in their natural alphabetic sequence, where the symbolic language of the Tarot and their structural interrelationhips can be easily seen on both row and column levels in an integrated framework.

In traditional understanding, which appears to be based on the speculations of Victorian Englishmen who did their best to ignore the Jewish sources, the seven planetary Tarot trumps are misattributed to their corresponding Hebrew letters and are therefore out of both alphabetic and classical astrological sequence. These "attributions" were adopted by succeeding (generations of) commentators, resulting in a Tower of Babel of Tarot commentary and a proliferation of systems based literally on magical thinking. One would think that original sources would be more popular by now, given the internets, and all.

Restoring these cards -- and this is why it matters at all -- to the positions specified by the oldest (9th-10th century non-medieval/Lurianic) versions of the Hebrew source text, the Sepher Yetsira, by bringing the planetary correspondences in line with the original Hebrew "formative" letter and classical planetary sequence, allows them to be read as signifiers in a precise symbolic language dealing with the basic concepts of consciousness, structure and energy. The Tarot "dictionary" can then be used to de-code and read the texts written in this language.

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Review of the Issues  
Tarot Encoded and Sources Forgotten
The Problem of the Twenty-Two
Obscuring the Origins
Decrypting the Code
Semantic Structure of the Tarot
Reading the Patterns
Restoring the Seven

Appendix: Semantic Drift in the Tarot
Looking at the Tarot: The Natural Sequence and True Order of the Tarot by Hebrew Letter