Basic Texts of the Qabala

Genesis, The Sepher Yetsira and The Song of Songs are particular examples of "sacred texts" written in an energy code describing/projecting the basic processes of Life-Death and Existence, the relationship of material and spiritual energies and the role of the human psyche in the Universe.

Genesis, ongoing drama of creation and psycho-genesis, describes the flow of energy from Aleph (Infinite/Timeless) to Bayt (Containment). The Sepher Yetsira, the Book of Abraham, describes the flow of energy from Aleph to Yod, into existence and real possbility. The Song of Songs describes the complete flow of energy from Aleph to Tav (Sanctuary), and back, and is thus, the "most holy" book of the Bible.

"The whole universe is not worth the day that book has been given to Israel because all the Ketoubim (Scriptures) are holy, but the Song of Songs is the most holy."         -- Rabbi Akivah

All of these books can be read, letter by letter, in Hebrew, using a relatively simple translation-code, to reveal not just another meaning, but an entirely new language and mode of thought, describing/projecting an unseen but present reality.

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