Anatomical Survey of the Autiot

Three Mothers:   Aleph   Mem   Sheen
Three to Play the Game with Aleph:   Bayt   Yod   Tav
Two to Link the Double Flow:   Zayn   Ayn
Two to Move and Resist/Respond:   Ghimmel   Dallet
Two for Sex:   Waw   Sammekh
One Life:   Hay
Two Energies of Undifferentiated-Superimposed Alternatives / Probability:   Hhayt   Phay
Two to Structure:   Tayt   Tsadde
One Controlled Organic Life Movement:   Lammed
One Action of Physical Supports:   Kaf
One Existential Life:   Noun
One Cosmic Aleph:   Qof
One Cosmic House:   Raysh

22 Autiot Yassod + Finals
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