Genesis 1:4-5: The Self-Creation and Expansion of the One Dual Energy:
The Projections into Existence of Light and Darkness: The Involution and Evolution of Energy

Yom Ehhad

(living) light in its physical aspect is stable | the existence of containers is given the resistance necessary for organic response; the containers of existence become indeterminate [evolutionary process] (among) both the living light
Ha Awr   Veyn   Elohim   Ve Yavdel   Tov   Ki   Ha Awr
light   between   God   divided   good   that   light
the light that is was good; and God divided the light
and the living darkness Aleph-Yod projects [evolutionary process] light into existence as day and darkness
Ve Le Hhoshekh   Yom   Le Awr   Elohim   Ve Yqara   Ha Hhoshekh   Va Veyn
and to darkness   day   to the light   God   and called   darkness   and between
from the darkness and called the light day and the darkness
(emanation of Aleph-Yod) as night the double existence of a complete evolutionary and involutionary circuit -- Yom Ehhad.
Yom Ehhad   Voqer   Ve Yehy   Ayrev   Ve Yehy   Layla   Qara
day one.   morning   was   evening   was night   called
night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Plot recap: Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum Ve Rouhh Elohim Merouhphat Al Phani Ha Mayim Ve Yomer Elohim Yehy Awr Ve-Yehy Awr Veyarey Elohim Et Ha-Awr Ki Tov

We have just seen (projection of Aleph-Yod) God speak light twice, once for the outside and once for the inside, once for the material and once for the spiritual light, and (projection of Aleph-Yod) stabilize physical light across the entire range of material structuration.

Here, (projection of Aleph-Yod) God introduces into the existence of containers (Yav: Yod-Vayt: 10-2) the necessary resistance for biological response (Del: Dallet-Lammed: 4-30), and then makes all the containers of existence (Veyn: Vayt-Yod: 2-10) (do you see what He did there?) indeterminate (final Noun) for both the light and the darkness, structured and unstructured energy.

Then, (projection of Aleph-Yod) God calls to the structured energy, day, and to the unstructured energy, night.

The significance of the fifth verse is that the basic equations for physical existence have been achieved. The biological qualifications of these energies, as well as the role of the inner light, will be developed in the following chapters of Genesis. We have only used nineteen of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet by the end of the first verse.

Yom and Layla are the projections of Light and Darkness into existence. The sign of this is the transformation of Aleph into Yod in Light: Awr: Aleph-Waw-Raysh --> Day: Yom: Yod-Waw-Mem (and Raysh into Mem, the biosphere of day and night). The cosmic movement of Sheen/300 in Hhoshekh is transformed into the double (existential-level) organic movement of Lammed/30, between which existence lives unseen.

And finally, with no intervention from God (no creates, speaks, breathes, sees, etc,) Yehy Ayrev Ve Yehy Voqer is simply be evening be morning Day One. We know Yehy Ve Yehy from God's speaking of the outer and inner light, where it was translated "be" and "was," and shows the characteristic life between double existences of Yod-Hay-Yod. Everything has an inside and an outside and both are alive. Be evening be morning says that the complete involutionary (evening: Ayrev: 70-200-2: from the cosmic to the individual) and evolutionary (morning: voqer: 2-100-200: from the individual to the cosmic) circuit of energy has been established and God can call it a first day.

Ve Yavdel Elohim Veyn Ha-Awr Va-Veyn Ha-Hhoshekh Ve-Y'Qara Elohim Le-Awr Yom Ve Le-Hhoshekh Qara Layla Yehy Ayrev Ve Yehy Voqer Yom Ehhad