Yom Echad/Ehhad

Yavdel Veyn: Divided Between

Yavdel Veyn
50/700 10 2   30 4 2 10
62/712   46
Gematria: 108/758

Ve Yavdel Elohim Veyn Ha-Awr Va-Veyn Ha-Hhoshekh

      The action Yavdel (translated divided) Yod-Vayt-Dallet-Lammed ( introduces in the existence (10) of containers (2) the necessary resistance to life (4) which allows them to become organic (30). The schema Beyn or Veyn (2.10.700) does not mean "divide" in Hebrew, but "between" or rather "among", and according to the code it has a far greater significance. Its letter-numbers show that 2 and 10 (containers in existence) unfold a cosmic 700 which is the first and ultimate principle at stake in the universe: the freedom of indetermination. This is granted by the action Yavdel to both Awr and Hhoshekh.

     Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.88

The letter 4/Dalet, archetype of resistance, makes its first appearance in Genesis in the word Yavdel. Rather than dividing between, Yavdel provides the last necessary ingredient for biological life -- resistance. This enables a controlled, organic action or movement in existence (30/Lammed), which acts among or is bestowed, on both the light (Awr, structured energy/consciousness) and the darkness (Hhoshekh, unstructured energy/consciousness).

Veyn-Va-Veyn (2-10-700 (6) 2-10-700), our "between," repeated twice, confers cosmic indetermination (700) on the existential containers (2-10) of both light and darkness; evolution, the goal of Elohim, is set in motion. This is the first appearance of Noun/Nun-final in Genesis. It announces the stake in the Great Game of Life played by the two partners Aleph and Yod -- cosmic freedom, or unlimited potential development.

Yavdel Veyn Ve-Veyn: 10-2-4-30 2-10-700 (6) 2-10-700: shows the existence of the containers (10-2) acquiring the resistance necessary for life; the containers of existence (2-10) (of both light and darkness) become indeterminate.

Dallet, of course, provides the necessary resistance for Adam to resist Aleph to the point of becoming Aleph and a projection of Elohim (experience is transformed and life becomes cosmically fruitful).

The second Dallet in Genesis is the end of Yom Echad.

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