200 10
Gematria: 210

  Veyarey Elohim Et Ha-Awr Ki Tov

Ki (Kaf-Yod): 20.10) says that Awr is only considered here in its aspect as physical support of energy. Kaf (20) is the archetype of Bayt-in-existence, 2 x 10. Yod (10) emphasizes that existence. (The inner light will only appear in Genesis II when the birth of man will be described not from the point of view of physical evolution but through perception of its essence.)
     Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.88

We have already noted the translator's disregard of another two-letter word, Et. Other tranlations for Ki or Kiy are "that, for, because, when, as though, but, then, surely, since."

We are thus led to the equally valid translation: "And God saw, because the light was good."

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