Sepherot: Yesod: Foundation

4 6 60 10
Gematria: 80
Sephira: 9

Tree of Life
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Traditonal Meaning:   Foundation
Formative Meaning:   Tayt/9: an archetypal formation or cell carries the essential meaning of the 9th Sephira, the last step in the stepping-down of infinite energy before actual materialization and existence in the World of Assiah at the 10th Sephira of Malkut. Yesod builds cells and structures for existence, realized (Assiah begins with Ayn) in Malkut, which ends with Tav, the last letter and Sanctuary of the infinite energy of Aleph.

In the Sepher Yetsira, Kawkab/Mercury is formed by Raysh at the 9th Sephira, where perception is an action towards an action (Kaf-Kaf) -- a response to and union with sensation/reality. See the Magician, whose right hand points up towards Kether, while his left points downwards towards Makkut (Adam Kadmon's South/right, North/left in the Cube of Space).

Iamblichus points out that nine is an absolute limit on numerical identity; all numbers following are composites of the first nine, which are fulfilled/perfected in the tenth. This is why nine is seen as the end of a cycle in almost all numerological systems. The Qabala knows this cycle as the first nine letters of the Hebrew alphabet, understood as the minimal set of archeyptal structural (formative/semantic) energies required for biological life on an abstract level; and that the "achievement" of Tayt/9 is the formation of an (abstract) cell.

With the basic structural-energetic requirements met by the semantic primes of the first nine number-letters, creation (which is behind this process) can be fulfulled in actual existence, which is exactly what happens in the tenth letter-number and Sephira, Yod/10, semantic prime for existence.

1 is fulfilled in 10, which is 1 in existence, and the power underlying all existence -- the "source and root of eternal nature." 10 creates all things and is the kingdom or crown of God's creation.

Yesod appears in the Sepher Yetzira as Autiot-Yasod, the singlular and plural "messengers" originating in Hhokmah. The autiot are a singular male energy with a feminine plural ending and yesod is plural female energy with a masculine singular ending. "Yesod" is a singular grouping of multiple elements in the sphere of Yetziratic structuration. A cycle of formation is complete. All that is necessary is their union with the biological processes of Malkut.

Sephira 9: Tayt: Formation   Yesod: Foundation   Tayt, the archetypal formative cell, is the primary context for the 9th Sephira. This is the sphere of Yetziratic formation, joined to Malkut, the 10th Sephira of manifest existence, with the Waw of their seals. The Cube carries more information in the North-South and Left-Right directions, as well as in the the formative letter and planet/contrary quality. Yesod: Yod-Sammekh-Waw-Dalet: existence- female & male copulative action-resistance: existence proliferates reality. There are two Yods: Yesod and Yetzira, but existence is not yet a full biological process. This will be achieved with the 10th/Existence Sephira of Malkut and its Mem-Lammed-Kaf-Waw-Tav, where Aleph completes the circuit with Tav and loops it with Shem-El of the left (semol).

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