Sepher Yetsira/Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation): The Second Sephira


Second Sephira - Schtaim/Hhockmah - Rouahh Merouhh: Breath of Breath
Oomq Ahhrit: Depth of End

Second Sephira: Schtaim/Hhockmah: Rouahh Merouhh: Depth of End
1:10   Two:Rouahh Merouahh, Hhaqaq Vehhatsav (legislates or organises and chisels or cuts with). Twenty-two Autiot Yassod, three fundamentals and seven doubles and twelve simples and Rouahh One with (in) them.
The Sepherotic permutation of Rouahh-Merouhh shows that the 'descent' of Aur came to its end, through the coagulation of Mem. The energy assumes two aspects: the nucleus and the eddy surrounding it.     SY p.78

Rouahh-Merouhh: Breath of Breath. The Breath from Above and the Breath from Below. The complex equations of the First Sephira have unstructured themselves into two Breaths rotating (in opposite directions) around a central nucleus of primordial unstructured matter (Mem). As response to the Breath from Above, the second Rouahh in Rouahh Merouahh begets the twenty-two Autiot-Yassod as inverted representations of the infinite energy of the First Sephirot. The first formation of differentiated matter-energy -- in the Second Sephira of Wisdom -- is the Hebrew Alphabet. The Code of Creation is the first product of creation.

Knowledge of the Autiot is the Revelation. Note that before any differentiated matter can form (as in the Third Sephira), the Hebrew Alphabet is introduced as a response to the infinite energy of One/Ehhad/Keter, and as agents in all further structuration.

Everything that the Sepher Yetsira will elaborate on for the rest of its text, will be given in the language or code of the Autiot formed as reverse imprints at the Second Sephira. This means that everything in the Sepher Yetsira is written in an intelligent language based on a knowlege of the relationship of inner and outer energy.

While the Sepher Yetsira is concerned with the constitution of human consciousness in both inner/timeless and outer/development space, it is about the Autiot. The role of each letter-number in the creation of the universe and human experience is considered in logical order and multiple, interrelated layers. The Sepher Yetsira is written in the same language/code as the first five Chapters of Genesis (being a kind of lab-manual for them, and interior view of the same material). Neither can be understood without a knowledge of the Autiot of Creation formed at the Second Sephira.

    The Diagram which produces the 2nd Sephira is simple and comes directly from the process released by the 1st. This is how Rouahh Merouahh is actually arranged.

    Here we are seeing the consequences, on all levels of existence, of the shock which simultaneously joins and separates the static and dynamic poles of energy. In the atom it forms the nucleus (illustrated here by Mem) and the eddy of the electrons which surround it: Rouahh-Rouahh ...
    The congealing of the central nucleus is the formation of a center of consciousness on the psychic plane. The name Hhockmah ( is indicative of this. Consciousness, whose origin is lost in the background of undifferentiated substance, accumulates and leads to an affirmation of existence: that is to say, to a resistance aware of itself, coping with life.

    The name Hhokmah indicates that this Sephira relates to mankind. There is no consciousness in the nucleus of the atom, even though the energising process is analogous to the formation of a conscious centre. The analogous thought which includes these two formations enables the role and the nature of the human psyche to be discerned. The qualitative descripton, Oomq Ahhriyt, translated as "depth of the end" ought not to refer to an end, in the true sense of this word. Ahhriyt can be a future, as well, or even a resting place.

    Referring to what as already been said about the Autiot, they are generated by Hhokmah, as rays reflected by the centre, Mem returning to the source.     SY p.79