Hhaqaq: Engrave

100 100 8
Gematria: 208

The shock of life to awoken consciousness-non-conscious being, and the return shock, are the two fulgurations of Hhaqaq (Hayt-Qof-Qof: 8.100.100), the equation following Hhokmah. It is translated, very badly, as "limited" or "pitted." Hhaqaq is a verb. In Hebrew the word expressing action preceds the name of the active agent. We will now examine this name. But let us recall what has been read up to here: Beschlaschim Weshtaim Nativot-Phayliot Hhokmah Hhaqaq ..."

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.64

50/700 100 100 8
Gematria: 258 / 908

2:2: Twenty-two Autiot Hhaqaqan (graven) Hhatsavan (carved) Schaqalan (weighed) and Hamiraan (inverted) Tsarafan (amalgamated) and formed with Nefesch (character, personality) of all (that is) formed and Nefesch of all (that is) to be formed in the future.

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