50/700 70 50 20
Gematria: 190/840

Blessed Canaan.

     Canaan ( is the place (20) full of existential life (50) where all the uncertainties, all the creations and dissolutions, all the discoveries, inventions, buildings and shattering disruptions of structures must perforce happen (70 and 700). It is in the midst of that turmoil that the human seed can and must evolve and grow. It must never allow itself to rest because if it is not active it regresses. The symbol Canaan is over the whole planet in every conflict, in every tragic error as in every beautiful achievement. In it, mankind must come to understand its cosmic significance.      Suares, Ciper of Genesis p.166

God commanded Abraham to leave Ur of the Chaldees, the Light of the Magicians, and to go into Canaan, the land of space-time and duality, and to conquer it by unifying the opposites.

Canaan is the environment of Israel: no fixed adaptation (the stateless state) in the land of maximum developmental challenge.

Kaf/20 is the container (place, land) (full) of Noun/50, existential life, in a particular state: Ayn/70-Noun/700: all the possible possibilities of Ayn/70 opening into the Cosmic Indetermination of Noun/700. There is no stability possible in an environment of intense uncertainty (70-700) and the seed of Elohim is not permitted to settle down in any fixed adaptation.

     The theme of this vast epic poem is the implanting of the human seed, of which the eponymic ancenstor is Sem, in the mythical land of Canaan. When YHWH became, through Moses, a tribal deity and the Hebrews forgot the original Revelation, they mistook Canaan for an actual country and waged ruthless wars to conquer it. This is one of the countless examples of the perils inherent in local-temporal interpreation of Scriptures that are universal and timeless in their original import.      Suares, Ciper of Genesis p.149

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