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Gematria: 73
Full Expansion
Biological: Cell: Transforms food into organic energy

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Suares:   Ghimel, no. 3, is the organic movement of every Bayt animated by Aleph.

Ghimel (3) is the archetype of all movement -- the motion of all Bayts containing Aleph. It is primary that to move, space-time is necessary so it may be viewed as the primary seed of space-time, for to know motion is to know space-time. If Bayt is matter, then Ghimel is space-time. So we see that Aleph-Bayt-Ghimel are primary seeds or kernels to the world from which matter-space-time, the so-called arena that is existence is manifested. But without Aleph, mass-space-time is not possible.      Suares, Spectrograms

Ghimmel, a Double Letter, is the third logical term in the formative/ontological alphabet. 1: Aleph: the uncontainable 2: Bayt: the container 3: Ghimmel: the relationship (linkage, functional movement) between the two: the motion (Ghimmel) of matter (Bayt) animated by Spirit (Aleph). If Aleph is Spirit, Bayt is matter, in the sense of a generalized container for Spiritual/psychological energies. Ghimmel is their interaction, and the seed of the space in the space-time of the next level, beginning with Aleph in existence-in-time and duration as Yod.

Ghimmel is spelled Ghimmel- Mem- Lammed   (3.40.30):   (uncontrolled) movement - passive resistance - (controlled) movement shows archetypal movement penetrating the biosphere (any pattern of biological resistance) and giving rise to organic, controlled, movement (biological equilibria).

3/Gimmel's archetypal movement, a direct result of the infinite energy of Aleph upon its containers (Bayts) is infinite and uncontrolled -- it has not yet met the resistance of life (4/Dallet) -- although its structure (Mem-Lammed) is rooted entirely in the existential-level energies (40-30) of biological response and (controlled) movement. Ghimmel is, in fact, defined as a double (biological) movement: the uncontrolled outer flow of life (3) and the inner, controlled balance. Lammed, Ghimmel's mirror in existence, reverses the equations. The outer, controlled movement of the same biological pattern is rooted in Dallet, (archetypal) resistance (to uncontrolled Ghimmel on the level above).

If the first row of nine basic creative powers is composed of archetypal or seed energies, the first three letters of the row are the seeds of the seeds (they all appear in the spellings of no other letter). The powers of three, six and nine were well known to the ancients. For Iamblichus they were extension, perfection and limit.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
12 15 18
3x4 3x5 3x6
45 = 4+5=9

40/600 4 1
Gematria: 45 / 605

The seed of three (Aleph-Bayt-Ghimmel) expands to the first nine letters. The second three are a containment (perfection) of the initial energies by the adaptive response of biological life (life is a generalized container for Aleph). The third three are the movement of Aleph into a limited structure (Tayt) through the powers of probability (Zayn) and unstructured possbility (Hhayt). Tayt, the eddy resulting from the collapse (7) of the wavefunction (8) is the limited structure containing the seed of Aleph. This seed is realized in the next letter, Yod/10, Aleph's projection into existence. Adam, Primordial Man, is contained in the first nine letters.

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