Carlo Suares: The Sepher Yetsira: The Language

The Autiot

BEFORE READING: The Sepher Yetsira is is best to consider the primary elements constituting the text: the Autiot (plural).

This name in Hebfrew (singular, Aut), denotes not only a "letter" (of the alphabet), but also a sign, a proof, a symbol and even a miracle revealing its forgotten ontological origin. (Likwise, so many words of the langauage are profane).

Contrary to our letter which are simple elements (A, B, C, etc.) the A utiot are names that must be spelt. The offical teaching of Hebfrew has its own speling, but cabalists have adopted several other which are not concordant. Thoso we have worked out seem to correspong well with the twenty-two stuctures of energy signified by the twenty-two signs.

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