Carlo Suares: Notes on Biology Functioning with the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
1-2     Energy (Abstract) : The Cells : (A million billion cells in the human body.) Anatomic survey of the cell (from 3-9 archetypes) : the functions
3     Transforms food into organic energy.
4     Reacts to stimulations.
5     Transmits impulses (life-current).
6     Reproduces itself.
7     Capable of actuating itself (indeterminate directions).
8     Transmits their hereditary characteristics (unconsciously).
9     Reforms a cell (conclusion).
Nomenclature of the organs (from 10-90 in existence)
10     The cell is the unity of living matter formed by moleules which themselves are not living such as DNA and other nucleic acids).
20     Endowed with organs of information and a system of regulation that permits it to govern its activity according to defined directives.
30     The directives are given by the nucleus which contains the fundamental elements of organic life, the nucleic acids.
40     There are inter-actions of atoms which constitute a network of ways of communications (the Endo-plasmic Reticumem). The plasma is the liquid part of the blood.
50     Dynamo factories of energy: the Mitocondries, that is to say, the isolated granules of cytoplasm have a respiratory function (the cytoplasm is the medium). The Mithocondries are small cellular organs which contain numbers of enzymes by means of which the oxidations are produced in the cell. The catalysts makes up a master-key energy, ATP, branching out to solar energy of which it is the double, Tsadde-Vav-Noun-Yod, Tsadde-Vav-Sheen-Raysh (see Sepher Yetsira). These organs are enveloped by a double membrane. The internal membrane doubles back upon itself and forms the cavities where the enzymes work to transform the alimentary materials of the plasma into energy. The external membrane is a protection.
60     The manufacturers: the Ribosomes. They are formed in the nucleus and are sent into the netowrk commmunications of the cell, in order to work out the proteins, fundamental molecules of lile, formed principally of carbon, oxygen and azote.
70     The proteins thus fabricated are destroyed by the action of physical, chemical or biological agents. The are in a divided state (solution-dissolution) call lyse. This state engenders the amino acids, the lysomes, which the proteins do or do not salvage.
80     A neuter membrane surrounding the cell; it is across it that the cell derives its nourishment from the plasma where all the clls bathe and that it (the cell) frees the products that it works out by its participation in the life of the group.
90     The administrative center or nucleus, set at the heart of the cell, protector against all disturbance, coming from the exterior, directing all organic activity, orienting and fashioning its growth, according to the characters of its species, transmitting heredity through its genes lined up the length of the chromosomes.
The Double Helix, secret of life
To complete the alphabet, there remains for us 4 letters: Qof, Raysh -- Sheen, Tav.
In their fullness they are represented as follows:

  The two Sheen in conjunctive opposition constitute a double helix whos uprights are composed of a sugar (assimilable solar energy); the desoxyribose sugar, and an acid (destructive energy), phosphoric acid. These two colar energies opposed to one another are connected by the rung of the double spiral which is composed of 4 connedting bases, 2 by 2. These are the 2 binomes Sheen-Tav and Qof-Raysh in oppsed directions. It is evident that each of the terms of the one can only be assured with the terms of the other, by the fact of their directions, which reveal the Qabala.

The recent discovery of RNA (made by French Nobel Prize winners) is equally registered in the knowledge of Qabala, by which it distinguishes between 2 spheres: the the structural (which builds the cells): Yetsira, and the sphere of the doing, or making: Assiah.*

The DNA is necessary for the contruction of the fundamental molecules of life, which are the proteins of amino acids. It takes its structure from 3 combinations of 20 amino acids (70 degrees water). The DNA is thus in the sphere of formation, of the physical, of space.

The permutation of its sugar (desoxyribose) in ribose and one of its bases (thymine) in uracil is the passage that is indispensible fromm the physical to the chemical: from the structure to the capacity of acting in space and time.

The RNA thus formed is precipitated in the cytoplasm. It constitutes the factors which carry to the ribosomes the message of heredity (genes) elaborated in the cell. It carries its name "the repressor" well. Encountering only the enzymes, the molecules are not short-ciruited by it.

It is not forbidden to suppose that the biologists, orienting themselves to the sense of Qabala, will discover the energy potential, in value and direction, of the elements they are studying.

They are releasing a passage -- still very narrow -- between biology and psycholgy.

-- Translated by Jack Hirschman

* The center of these spheres are, respectively, the 5th and 9th sephirot. As a reminder, it can be added that they are the 3rd and 4th (last) spheres. The 1st sphere, Aleph-Tsadde-Yod-Lammed-Vav-Tav, has the 1st Sephira as center, the 2rd sphere, Bayt-Raysh-Yod-Aleph-Hay or creation, has no Sephira in its center, but a mysterious knowledge, Daleth-Ayn-Tav.

Tree 2, Summer 1971, pp. 115-118