Cube of Space: The Physical and Psychological Faces

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The Cube of Space is a description of inner, psychological space corresponding to the mapping of outer space in the familiar zodiac of 12 signs. Reading the formative signs of the Cube according to their structural-energetic equations allows us to look at the "flat" Zodiac with better understanding of the underlying processes represented by the transformations ("signs") of energy represented by astrology's wheel of life and then to compare it with the topology of the Cube.

    We know that all the Autiot are not only symbols of different states of energy, but are actually those states which they represent. They are not, as it were, snapshots of fixed, congealed states; they are alive and active. Hence, they can react in opposite ways to the cosmic flow of living energy.     Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Sefer Yetzirah), p.129

We have previously discussed the semiotically-arbritrary nature of traditional astrological language and given suggestions for reading the signs and planets according to their Autiot and interior formative energies.

Traditional astrology usually reads the zodiacal process counter-clockwise from Aries to Pisces in an evolution of energy from beginning to end. Human history may be read in the opposite direction, as the zodiac precesses backwards through the ages.

In his edition of the Sepher Yetsira (Sefer Yetzirah), Suares maps out four distinct readings of the Zodiac: from Toleh/Aries to the threshold of Sartan/Cancer; from Arieh/Leo in two opposite directions, and the last from Ghedi/Capricorn through Daghim/Pisces to Toleh/Aries. These various readings of the Zodiac map the itineraries of physical and psychological energies in their developmental states/stages.

To follow these itineraries we need to be able to trace the development of physical and psychological energy in two directions around the Zodiac: evolution/building-up of structures and involution/dissolution of structures.

We begin by noticing that the signs below the horizon begin with Hay, 5, the archetype of life forming Aries, the initial sign, and proceed sequentially to Yod, 10 archetype of existence. All these signs are below the horizon, and then numbering jumps to 30 at Lammed/Libra, the first sign above the horizon.

Actually we are deep into the rational logic of the Qabala with the first zodiacal sign, which is not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, but 5, Hay, archetype of life. If we understand why the Zodiac begins here, with Hay forming Toleh/Aries, we can orient ourselves to an unfolding and infolding sequence of transformations of energy.

Here is how the Sepher Yetsira describes the beginning of the Zodiac as understood by a primative translation of the energy language:

Hay, Life, 5, forms Tayt/Cell-Lammed/(organic)Movement-Hay/Life, Toleh/Aries.

Life forms a living, moving cell. What could be clearer, or more logical? All the energetic/structural equations in the Sepher Yetsira are equally rational both in their interior structures (like Toleh) and in their relationships to other energies (like Meadim, in this case).

There is no need for theological or mythological or magical interpretations of the Sepher Yetsira, when read according to Suares' revelation of the energy-code -- no belief is necessary to see that an alternative reading of the text is possible, not as an interpretive object but as code.

And when decoded (see for yourself), the plaintext emerges and can be read. It doesn't take much, actually, to verify the existence of the encoded language. Simply follow the evolution of energy around the Zodiac and note the logical, informative statements about the structure of energy in each sign, and the description of both an evolutionary and involutionary process involving transformations of those structures and energies.

The energies themselves are the basic structures of life-death and existence, and deal with abstract concepts like life, interpenetration, indetermination, unstructured energy, cell formation and actual existence, for the first six. It deals with how things come to be in both the most particular and general sense.

For now, we begin with Aries, 5/Life, and follow the arc to 10/Existence, Virgo. The first six signs will trace the archetypal (5-9) development of life from its beginning to the edge of objective existence. Again, logically, these formative structures are all from the archetypal level of the autiot (1-9).

The structures themselves, when read according to their interior energies, all describe various states of a two-way flow of energy, generally between Aleph and Tav but also between Aleph and Yod as Aleph is projected into existence.

Archetypes of Life: Signs Below the Horizon

The signs below the horizon deal with archetypes of energies; it is only with Yod/10, Betolah/Virgo, that existence is established and only with Lammed/30, Mozenaim/Libra that that existence becomes objective.

The first three signs, Hay/5 [Life] : Toleh/Aries, Waw/6 [Interpenetration]: Shaur/Taurus and Zayn/7 [Indetermination]: Teomaim/Gemini, reading in a evolutionary direction, deal only with an archetype of life and meet their terminus in the cell of interior (psychological) energy at Hayt/8 [Unstructured energy]: Sartan/Cancer. This cell may proceed on and acquire first a physical counterpart in (Tayt/9 [Cell:] forms) Arieh and then a potential existence in Yod/10 [Existence]: Betolah.

The Moon and the Sun are the only planets whose two contrary qualities are found in single signs, Cancer and Leo, where psychological and physical energy each flow in two directions right next to each other.

Cancer and Leo, Homes of the Moon and the Sun

With this preliminary framework in mind, we can now look at the Zodiacal signs assigned to the East (psychological) and West (physical) faces of the Cube. Our future is an involution of psychological energy from Cancer (unconsious/unstructured energy) backwards to Aries (archetype of Life). Our past is an evolution of physical energy from Libra (organic movement) through the physical perfection of Sagittarius (formed by the feminine, structural Sammekh) to the threshold of realized life in Capricorn (Ayn, 70, Freedom).

Psychological and Physical Faces of the Cube

At this point we can make several further observations. The future and past are diametrical opposites. This means that Libra is opposite Aries through the center of the Cube, where as the South-West edge, it is the first to be lit by the Sun in the West (it is the first sign above the horizon).

To rehearse the four readings:

First Reading: from Aries to Cancer.

Life starts out at 5 as Hay forms Toleh, Aries: 9.30.5 or, the "archetype of all beginnings." Continuing, Waw/6 forms Shaur: 300.6.200 or cosmic-breath.copulation.cosmic-container (here we have Sheen representing Aleph in an analogue of Aleph-Waw-Raysh, light). Then Zayn/7 (indetermination) forms Teomaim/Gemini: 400. with Tav/Aleph fertilizing the Waters. The sequence concludes with Hayt/8 (unstructured energy) forming Sartan/Cancer: or female.cosmic-container.cell.indetermination. Tav blends with Aleph in Gemini and then fills Sartan, residence of the double Tav of the Moon. Energy has developed far enough to have the cell of interior, psychological energy. In the next sign the cell will emerge as exterior, physical energy.

Second Reading: from Leo backwards to Aries.

It is not enough for energy to blend, the two opposite poles must meet and a new cell must be formed. Tayt/9 (cell) forms Arieh/Leo, Aleph-Raysh-Yod-Hay, Energy now can proceed in two directions -- as evolution of physical energy or involution of psychological energy. If the unconscious Hayt of Hamah, Sun, Hayt-Mem-Hay is emphasized, it can join with the Hayt forming Sartan, and begin a journey backwards.

Now the signs describe psychological stages as energy springs free (Memshalah) of the female unconsious structures of Sartan/Cancer to encounter the selection process (Shemama) operating between the Tav and Aleph of Teomaim/Gemini (one can be the projection of Tav-Aleph, or the Waters). Then the ambivilance of Shaur/Taurus, where Sheen couples with Raysh and the image of the Cosmic Androgyne resides leads us back to the beginning, where the "folly" of Mars projects Aleph into the Universe.

Third Reading: Leo through Sagittarius

And now we can complete the final two readings of the Zodiac. The first traces the full evolution of physical energy from the physical cell, Tayt/Arieh, through Sagittarius and the illusion of material perfection to Capricorn.

Flowing from the Tayt (cell) of Leo, energy emphasizes the formative Yod of existence in the next sign, Bayt-Tav-Waw-Lammed-Hay, 2.400.6.30.5 or Far from a virginal sign, Betolah/Virgo is pregnant with the cell of physical energy. Here, Mercury/Kawkab is Z'ar, Zayn-Raysh-Ayn, the seed of possibility.

Next, Libra/Mozenaim, formed by the sign of organic movement, Lammed/30, finds Aleph and Yod in an "ambiguous" (ayn) balance; the "ear" (Aleph-Zayn-Noun) listens in the Waters (Mem-Yod-Mem). The fruitfullness of the Waters are realized in the next sign.

In 'Aqarav/Scorpio, Ayn-Qof-Raysh-Vayt, the process of creation has reached its culmination. Formed under the aut of existential life, Noun/50, we could read it as achieved-freedom.cosmic-Aleph.universal-container.individual-container. Qof/cosmic Aleph's penetration down to the archetype of the individual container ends the cycle.

In the last sign, Qoshet/Sagittarius, Qof-Sheen-Tav is formed by the female centripedal energy of Sammekh/60 and is in some ways in opposition to it. Material energy has reached its perfection, but an immature personality will claim the authority of the cosmic Qof and will strive for the highest material position attainable. Suares points out that both Gemini and Sagittarius flow into Saturn at East-Top and West-Top. Both force a choice -- in Gemini between Tav-Aleph and the Waters, and in Sagittarius between material perfection/power and the realized life of Capricorn.

Fourth Reading: Capricorn to Aries

And the last, if we accept the life offered by Shabatai in Ghedi/Capricorn, we may find ourselves in the schemas of perfected womanhood and manhood, Aquarius and Pisces and at last the North of Sensual energy and the East of our future can meet at the beginning, Toleh/Aries.

    We cannot see these diagonals and we cannot even imagine them, because they begin and end in the non-beginning and the non-ending, fathomless, infinite depths of directions. As currents of energy, flowing from one infinite to another, they completely evade our space-time continuum.     Suares, The Sepher Yetsirah, p.138 Contents