Wemelekh Oulam

Wemelekh Oulam
40 6 30 70    20 30 40 6
146    96
Gematria: 242

Wemelekh Oulam: Waw-Mem-Lammed-Kaf   Ayn-Lammed-Waw-Mem, translated "King of All" or "King of the Universe." Elohim conferred organic movement (Lammed) on Mem; Melekh (Mem-Lammed-Kaf) is the transition from the particular existence to the cosmic life of Kaf final (500). Malkhout Kingdom is the 10th Sephira.

Oulam (Ayn-Lammed-Mem) projects the "whole" defined as the actuation in life of all possibilites. Oulam introduces the first Ayn in the Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), as energy steps down and spreads out to define the "Universe" of all possible possibilities and the ultimate stake of the game of life.  

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