The Heavens and the Earth:
The Existence of the Container and the Life of the Contained.

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Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz

The double Genesis of Bereshyt Bara Elohim is followed by a series of double equations: the heavens and earth, formless and void, darkness and light (both inner and outer), night and day, evening and morning.

Each of these pairs will trace the expansion and evolution of the dual energy of Bereshyt which specifies both the life of the contained (Aleph) and the existence of the container (Yod). We have seen that "Elohim" is the total expression of the process by which timeless Aleph is projected into the multitudes of biological existence (Yod). Elohim, "created" by Bereshyt, "creates" the Heavens and the Earth. The Aleph and Yod united in Elohim split apart into Shamaim and Eretz, the primary structural energies of creation. The "heavens and the earth" is a category equivalent to "all that is."

But the heavens and earth are both preceeded by a small qualifier: Et. It should be clear by now that not only each word but each letter of the beginning of Genesis is a vital signifier or term in a series of equations that represent the creation, expansion and formation of the universe and consciousness in a "unified field theory" of structure and energy. It would be obvious that dropping a term from a calculus problem or logical proof would destroy its validity. What then are we to think of what the translators do with the fourth and sixth words of the Bible?

Et, Strongs 0853, the untranslated "demonstrative sense of entity" appears only twenty-two times in the Old Testament. The next time it will appear, after modifying the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1:1 and light in Genesis 1:4, will be in Genesis 4:1, when Eve gives birth to Qaheen and says she has acquired a man Et YHWH.

400 1
40 10 40 300 5
Ha Shamain
400 1 6
Ve Et
90 200 1 5
Ha Eretz

Et joins Aleph and Tav, the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet in their significations as the beginning and end of energy, the two opposite poles of the one dual consciounsess/energy. It can been seen as the integral over the total space-time continuum, the equivalent of "on every level" and our colloquial "A to Z." Elohim creates the "all that is" "on every level" of analogy and structuration.

And what is, all that is?

In Shamaim, we have the Sheen of Shyt projected on the unstructured "waters" of existence. In Eretz, we have the Aleph of Bara buried in the universal container of Raysh and emerging as something new -- structure -- in the form of Tsadde, the feminine structuralizing principle, analogized as "Mother Earth." Aleph is buried in, and creates, structure. This is an elaboration of the second Bara in Bera Shyt Bara, Bar-Aleph.

Waw, the masculine copulative, is the tenth letter to appear in creation. With the tenth, the letters needed to spell YHWH are available for God's union with His creation.

Tsadde, the eleventh letter (by order-entry in Genesis) goes beyond the prefection of ten and embodies Aleph (1) in existence (10). Eretz is a more structured analog of Bara, just as Shamaim is derived from Shyt through Elohim. The universe, the total container for Aleph, exists in its structured energy (light and matter) and in its unstructured, "dark," energy, which is the movement (expansion) of the universe in response to the impact of the cosmic Aleph. We will see the structured energy evolve into (Bara) Eretz, Awr and Yom. The unstructured will develop through (Shyt) Shamaim, Hhoshekh and Layla.