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Ayn-Sof (Ain Soph/Ein-Sof) / Nothingness / Infinite

200 6 1   80/800 6 60   50/700 10 1
207   146 / 866   61 / 711
207   207 / 1577
Ayn Sof Aur Gematria: 414 / 1784

Cosmologial Models and the Autiot of Descent

It's turtles all the way up and down.

     Before meeting the text we must throw some light on AynSof (Aleph-Yod-Noun-Sammekh-Waw-Phay) and Aur AŽlion. Addressing itself to cabalists, The Sepher Yetsira leaves out the equations of pre-structured energy known to them, but which do not enter the sphere of Yotser, or formation. As it is our intention to explain the cabalistic mentality to the general public, the equations must be examined before going on to a translation that would otherwise be lacking in its essential basis.

The ten Sephirot are transformers of energy, breaking it down until it becomes completely materialised. As a preliminary to this structuring of energy, the Qabala recognises two double equations of infinite energy: Ayn-Sof and Aur-AŽlion. In Hebrew Ayn-Sof means "without end," or "infinite," and Aur-AŽlion means "light," the highest or uplifted state of mind.

Read according to the code, the two double equations disclose the fundamental postulates of the Qabala, and contain an epitome of the whole.

Ayn-Sof. Ayn: Aleph-Yod-Noun (1.10.700) is a negation in Hebrew: "There is not." Strangely, this equation, on the contrary, expresses the whole, because it consists of Aleph and Yod, which are intemporal energy and its temporal projection: that is to say, the two partners in this interplay of cosmic life, death and existence. However, it is understandable why, due to the sense-based origin of the vulgate, Ayn is a negation. Noun final (700) which defines the stake of the cosmic part as being the Principle of Indetermination is an irresoluteness, an openness to all possibilities, to all that can come about unforeseen, beyond thought, from the not yet created: that is to say, to all that is still non-existent. This extraordinary abundance of freedom is a whirlpool of nothingness for the psyche (which feels in its element only through the familiar or the past). Ayn originates the metaphysical: "God created the world ex nihilo."

Read in full, Aleph (Aleph-Lammed-Phay: 1.30.80), Yod (Yod-Waw-Dallet: 10.6.4) and Noun (Noun-Noun: 50.700) show that the action of Aleph is to confer an organic movement (30) upon undifferentiated energy (80); that existence expressed by Yod is a fertilising (6) of opposing life (4); and that the life-in-existence of Noun (50) results in the freedom of the indeterminate (700).

Sof (Sammekh-Waw-Phay: 60.6.80) repeats and completes Ayn by the introduction of Sammekh (60) which, according to the code, is centripetal, fertilising energy. Sof is a double energy: centripetal by Sammekh and centrifugal by Waw (which evolve into female and male). These two contrary energies highlight the Phay (80) which was discovered in Ayn only when opening out Aleph (Aleph-Lammed-Phay). In short, Ayn is an anatomical equation which lays down the three elements of prime importance in this mode of thinking - Aleph-Yod-Noun final. Sof is a biological equation expressing the setting in motion of differentiated energy, Phay (80) , by two thrusts. One of them, Sammekh, picks up energy in the cellular centre, and the other, Waw, emanates from the centre and projects itself to the outside.

Aur-Aelion   /   Limitless Light
70/700 6 10 30 70   200 6 1
186/766   207
Gematria: 393 / 973

Aur-Aelion. Even though Ayn-Sof is the most abstract double equation in the Qabala, Aur-AŽlion is a turn-table in the universe, between the finite abstract and infinity. Nevertheless it should be noted that, according to the Qabala, infinity is not represented at all. The explanations of these two double equations are, therefore, only analogous ideas, and the images arising from them are only symbols. This preciseness is necessary because with Aur, translated as light, we are coming near to the biblical legend about its creation.

Aur (Aleph-Waw-Raysh: 1.6.200) expresses the clash between Aleph, the infinite in motion, and Raysh (200) which physically supports all that exists. The support has mass, strength, "number": the physical equation of the universe gives rise, according to the Qabala, to the greatest speed of which existence is capable. The function of the universe's mass is speed, which is determined by its resistance to the infinite in movement emanating from itself. Wrongly or rightly, this is taken to be the speed of light. But in Aur-AŽlion it is magnified.

Aelion, as a matter of fact, shows how the infinite comes from number. Its Autiot (Ayn-Lammed-Yod-Waw-Noun final:, express the fact that all the possibilities in being (70) endow existence (10) with organic life (30), and thus fecundate all cosmic possibilities (700).

Here we see how the cosmic 700 is begotten of the existential 70: it is indeed a "magnification" of Aur and a demonstration of what was implicit but secret in Ayn-Sof. However, it is advisable to go back to Ayn, which, pronounced as written, does not reveal the Lammed and the Phay contained in Aleph. Only when conducted by Ayn (70) into Aelion do Phay and the action of Lammed become visible.

Such are the first ideas which emerge from Ayn-Sof and Aur-Aelion. These equations lead the way to levels of knowledge for each person to discover, because one can meditate on them endlessly, and they lay down the primary notion of the Unity of being and substance of the universe.

     Carlo Suares, The Sepher Yetsira p.53-55 +em

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