First-Level Expansion

5 12 5 20
Gematria: 42

Full Recursive:


The first-level expansion (plene spelling) yielding 42 would seem to be a check-sum on the spelling of Hay, Life, and a confirmation of Suares' view that "life is one." The Name in 42 letters from the Sepher Yetsira is essentially an expansion of YHWY:   Yah YHWH Tsebaot Elohi Israel Elohim Hhaim Wemelkh Oulam El Schaddai yielding "By thirty-two intermediaries, YHWH (crowned by 42 letters) created Shem."

Remembering the expansion of Yod which we see here imbedded in the expansion of YHWH --

The first (right-to-left) column contains Yod-Waw-Dallet. The Dallet then gives rise to biological process through Dallet-Lammed. The Waw acting endlessly vertically.

Thus Aleph in existence i.e. space-time (Yod) moves or thrusts itself endlessly propagating into or against Dallet, that which resists or opposes Aleph. Aleph in space-time, Yod, meets resistance by becoming temporal. This indicates that the biological process is intimately connected to Aleph projecting itself from timeless to temporal.      Suares, Spectrograms

-- we see that YHWH is rooted in Aleph projecting itself into temporal and biological existence -- living interpenetration of two lives, the life of the container and the life of the contained. Unless actualized, "YHWH is immanent, but unborn."

Note that none of the traditional Havayah total 42 because the unity of Life was lost.