First-Level Expansion

74 111 510 360 20
Gematria: 1075 / 1725

Full Recursive:


Observations: Israel in full explansion uses these letters: the roots Yod, Sheen, Raysh, Aleph, Lammed and the component letters not counted if found in another letter -- Waw, Dallet in Yod, Noun in Sheen, Phay, Hay in Aleph, Mem in Lammed, and Tav in Dallet for twelve total -- one for each Tribe -- spread out between Aleph and Tav, on all three levels: archetypal, existential and cosmic. If we consider singular letters, not found in any other letters, we have two -- Raysh and Aleph, the cosmic mind/universal container and the intemporal beyond thought consciousness/life-death.

It takes four Yod to realize Israel, archetype of awakened human consciousness, in existence, one first level Yod, two second level and a hidden fourth Yod on the third level, in the Sheen of Raysh -- the return Breath of the second, inner, Sheen -- of the two Sheens in Israel.

And one archetypal, all-in-one life, in the Hay/5 of Aleph-Lammed-Phay-Hay to bring Israel to life in innumerable permutations of the existential lives of the repeating Noun/50's of the two life-streams of Sheen-Yod-Noun and Raysh-Yod-Sheen-Yod-Noun, inner and outer, alive in the indetermination of their finals (Noun 700).

Last, the four Dallets of the four Yods and the fifth Dallet in Lammed (only going three levels down) bring infinite series of biological process into existence with interlocking Dallet/resistance-responses and Lammed/organic movements -- (Lammed-Mem-Dallet, Dallet-Lammed-Tav) -- and the repeating Waw-Waw/6/interpenetrations/fertilizations of the Mem-Mem/40/living waters spreading everywhere against the background of Cosmic resistances, Tav/400.

According to the letters, Israel is existent/Yod and contains both the Breath of God and the return Breath from the Cosmic mind within him; this releases the timeless, life/death Intemporal consciousness/Aleph in factual controlled movement/equilibrium destroying all equilibriums.

TL;DR : In existence, the Breath from Above, and the Breath from Below, emit the God Process known as Israel, archeype of awakened consciousness and the goal of human evolution. Contents