Merkabah: Chariot

5 2 20 200 40
Gematria: 267

"Descend to Ascend."

The Merkabah, or Chariot in Hebrew, is exactly specified by its equation: Mem-Raysh-Kaf-Bayt-Hay ( Here we have the images of the ascenders and descenders (yorde) of the Chariot as the equation shows the "ride" through every level of thought-as-container: 200 (cosmic), 20 (existential) and 2 (archetypal) between biological resistance (40) and archetypal life (5). The equation can be read in either direction. The popular Egyptian "translation" of Mer-Ka-Ba (light-spirit-body) contains nothing of this dynamism.

"The word Merkava comes from the root Rakhav meaning "to ride", and hence means a "chariot" or "riding vehicle". In general, the concept of riding involves travelling and leaving one's natural place. When the Bible says that God "rides", it means that He leaves His natural state where He is absolutely unknowable and inconceivable, and allows Himself to be visualised by the prophets. One who "sees" God in this manner is said to experience a Merkava vision. The term Maaseh Merkava or "workings of the Merkava" refers to the setting up of a Merkava, that is, attaining a state where a Merkava vision can be attained. From the context in which this term is used in the Kabbalah texts, it is obvious that M'aaseh Merkava refers to the meditative techniques involved in attaining this mystical experience."

    Aryeh Kaplan "Meditation and Kabbalah" page 19

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