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This website provides a small collection of material related to the work and thought of Carlo Suares (1892 - 1976) ( Carlo Suarès), author of the still in print Cipher of Genesis and The Second Coming of Reb Yhshwh : The Rabbi Called Jesus Christ and other works published in pre-and post-war France and the early 1970's in America.

At the end of his life, Carlo Suares published seven books in a wide variety of styles -- analytic, exegetic, poetic, dramatic, prophetic -- which contain and express the heart of his Revived Qabala and leave an astonishing intellectual and spiritual legacy to the new millennium.

Suares' formulation of the Qabala as the science of the structure of energy and consciousness represents the revival in modern thought of an ancient tradition, one which has not seen a major reinterpretation since the synthesis of Rabbi Isaac Luria in the 16th Century which resulted in Lurianic Kabbalah.

In contrast to Eastern traditions, where the Dharma chain is unbroken and the transmission essentially unchanging, it is the nature of the Qabala to die and be reborn, usually in times of great need and transition. When it is reborn, in the history of the tradition a relatively rare event, it speaks the language of contemporary religious and scientific thought to convey its revelation.

Suares presents his Revived Qabala in completely modern terms and modes of thought, devoid of medieval theosophical or mystical/philosophical speculation. Not a system of Jewish or any other mysticism, Suares' Qabala is ultimately an experimental method whose postulates and equations can -- and must, if they are to be understood -- be tested and verified.

From the Introduction to the Cipher of Genesis, Samuel Weiser, first published in English in 1970:

The decoding of Genesis and of any other cabalistic text is therefore not a mere matter of transposing from A-B-C to Aleph-Bayt-Ghimel, but a process of penetrating an unknown world by means of a manner of thinking which has to be experienced by the very use of the language which must be learned in order to understand it. However paradoxical and perhaps difficult this may appear, it stands to reason that were the Revelation a matter of ordinary words, it would be an obvious fact prone to superficial observation.   (Emphasis added)

"The language which must be learned in order to understand it" is a formative hyperlanguage constructed from semantically-accurate self-signifying signs -- the inner, structural/energetic meanings of the Hebrew alphabet.

The basic postulate: there is a hidden text written in this hyperlanguage concealed in Bereshit/Genesis and other Books of the Hebrew Bible, which can be de-coded letter by letter and word by word to yield a completely new text. Not numerology or gematria, not "bible codes," not an interpretive or hermeneutical approach, not even a translation: an unseen, coherent, self-verifying, transcendent, text. Testing this postulate for yourself, learning the language (you don't have to be fluent) and decoding (dictionary provided) and reading (some of) the text is the revelation. If the postulate is true, how could it not be?

If you are new to the work of Carlo Suares, and interested in learning more, read his compact summary of the structural-energetic meanings of the Hebrew letter-numbers, and visit the hypertext Hebrew alphabet. Note that most of the Hebrew letters and words on this site are hypertext/clickable.

After that, a good place to start is the Beginning of Genesis , where the Archetypes of Genesis may be found within you. See Revived Qabala for Suares' relationship to traditional kabbalah. The tarot-related materials are applications of Suares' structural/energetic language to the traditional tarot, understood as iconic representations of the astrological/formative meanings of the Hebew letters, with correlations to the symbolic language of the original versions of the Sepher Yetsira -- which suggest a particular re-alignment or restoration of the traditional sequencing of the major Tarot trumps. Similarly, an analysis of the Yetsiratic (formative) structure of the traditional signs and planets allows us to construct an inner (psychological) zodiac and compare it with the familiar outer zodiac of astrology. The symbolic languages of Tarot and Astrology are integrated in the sophisticated metapsychology of the Cube of Space, a complete model for embodied human experience and development. The familiar construct of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is re-examined in terms of the higher-dimensional Sephirotic structure contained in the original texts and unique ancient cosmology of the Sepher Yetsira.

You can explore Suarés earlier work in French for historical-mythological context and thoughts on the obliteration of the self.

See Resurrection of the Word to understand human destiny and find Israel inside yourself.

And The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH for where all this is going.

Here's his Astrological Chart with his comments on it, revealing his relationship to the Second Coming.

Finally, see Eastern and Western Spirituality for some comments on the problems of non-duality and duality, and suggestions for getting beyond the contradictions, and solving the hard problem of the qualities of human experience through an evolution of consciousness.

Connections: Metaindex: Psychohistory and Metapsychology.

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