gematria: 208

   Yitzhhaq ( the no. 2 of the Abraham-Isaac-Jacob triad. This schema is a paradox. Essentially it belongs to a triune movement. In its physical disposition it is twofold, and has to be so, as a link between the conqueror 3 and the conquered 2 (duality as symbolized by Canaan). Its structure is ingenious. Its 8, between the 90 and 100, is almost farcical. No wonder that Yitzhhaq means "he laughs."

   But the 3 in disquise, the comedy, the laughter are playing a deadly serious game, at its most critical stage. Isaac must give birth to Israel. In his schema is the seed of man-made-perfect, but in such a condition as to have no possibility of action. Yitzhhaq is a paradoxical balance of a pre-evolved 8 and a totally evolved (female and male) 90 and 100. In the schema the beginning is included in the end: the entire evolutionary process is out of its range.

Suares, Cipher of Genesis p.166

Abraham begins with Aleph and timelessness, Yitzhhaq with Yod and duration. Yitzhhaq must be sacrificed unless he is capable of giving birth to Israel.

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