Eastern and Western Spirituality: Beyond Duality: Seven/7 Frameworks

From: Eastern and Western Spirituality: Non-Duality, Duality, and Beyond Duality: Perspectives on the Evolution of Consciousness
1:   One two-fold energy in a double process of evolution of form and soul, matter and consciousness, across the entire range of structuration.
2:   Evolution of consciousness in the East is Supermind; involution of consciousness in the West is the incarnation of YHWH .

The evolutionary process of consciousness in the West is involution and individuation through the dissolution of collective structures of thought and belief.
3:   Jesus is the archetype of the fully realized, cosmically conscious, individual and the goal of the evolution-involution of consciousness in the West.

The Second Coming is the individual realization of that archetype and signals the next evolution of consciousness in humans.
4:   Three levels of organization of the one dual energy/consciousness in a two-fold process of evolution.

The third level represents the unification of opposites in existence and the realization of Cosmic Consciousness - Supermind on earth, the goal of planetary evolution.

Three levels connected and integrated by an abstract, completely-generalized, semantically-accurate language dealing with biologically structured energies in different states of organization.
5:   Your total individuality is your soul and it resides outside of space-time.
6:   The myth of Abraham and his descendents is the myth of the involution and individuation of consciousness in the West -- from the separation from the undifferentiated co-conscious light of the Magicians through the long developmental journey through the land of duality , to the indeterminate and unconditioned realization of Israel.
7:   The purpose of the endogenous evolution of life on Earth, the stake in the Great Game of Life, is Cosmic Indetermination and Freedom.