Rabbi YHSWH (YHShWH) (Jesus)

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Gematria: 326

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Reb YHShWH, Jesus, is an incarnation of Jacob, Israel. He came not to save humanity, but to save Cosmic Consciousness from humans. Mosaic law was the necessary container for the revelation, which had to be expressed in symbolic, mythological terms because scientific language was not available (the human psyche was still too immature). The revelation is not in the past, but now, for it is outside of time. Jesus did not die for our sins, he came to harvest the souls who are capable of breaking through their conditioning and living in the fire of His revelation. The dawn of the Third Day is the dawn of the Third Millennium and the Second Coming is now.

Today, appropriately, we see a revival of interest in the "Hebrew roots" of Christianity, which often involves a consideration of the idea of "sacred names" which are somehow embodiments of the energy they represent. It has become obvious to many thinking souls that "Jesus" is a westernized corruption of the Rabbi's name. But what was the original name and spelling?

We have seen the variations Yod-Sheen-Waw-Ayn, Yod-Hay-Sheen-Waw-Ayn, and Yod-Hay-Waw-Sheen-Ayn. The Qabala knows another name, signifying the incarnation of the timeless Immanence and showing Reb YHShWH's precise relationship to that energy.

Let us recall the equation YHWH:

YHWH:, Existence-Life-Copulation-Life, expresses in existence the two lives (that of the container or shell or physical support, and that of the contained germ or inner life) that fertilze each other. This double impregnation can only occur in Man and as long as it does not occur YHWH is immanent but unborn.

    Suares, The Cipher of Genesis, p.103

YHWH. We know this equation. Briefly, it expresses Life fulfilled, perfected by the mutual fertilisation of its two lives, Hay and Hay (container and contents, etc.). In the world of becoming YHWH is immanent in potentiality of being.

    Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.65

Two thousand years or so ago the Jews gave birth to YHWH. In other words, the divine Immanence that resides permanently in the Jews exploded. It is not a Titus who destroyed the temple. It is YHWH, bursting out of its shell and exploding as a collective dream into a supposed incarnation as Jesus Christ.

    Suares, The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH, Weiser, 1994 p.99

Jesus -- or Yhshwh as his name was, according to Qabala -- insisted on the essential theme that runs as a visible-invisible thread throughtout the Bible: the constant psychological death and resurrection which is the real cosmic call to the human being. Only through that intermittent psychic pulsation of Aleph can the creative life manifest itself.

That life is always new. It has therefore neither past nor future. It is not dependent on time or space. It is not "conscious" in the sense we give to that word, because consciousness implies memory. Therefore it is not we who resurrect, but life impersonal. And because our thought is always a process of continuity in duration, that resurrection is nothing that we can "think."

    Suares, The Cipher of Genesis, p.186

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