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  We now come upon a second episode dealing with a kidnapped woman: And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She is my sister; and Abimelekh King of Gerar sent and took Sarah (Gen. xx, 2).

  But womanhood has progressed and , in contrast to her experience with Pharaoh, Sarah successfully passes the test. Abimelekh has a dream in which Elohim says to him: Thou are but a dead man, for the woman which thou has taken: for she is a man's wife. So he does not come near her.

  Genesis, xx, 12: Abraham reveals, or suggests, that Sarah is his sister because they both have the same "father". But -- adds Abraham -- she is not Imi's daughter. In a restricted sense, Imi means "my mother." Abram however, according to Qabala, declares himself here, Ben-Adam, son of Adam, just as Jesus did at a much later date. And the very important fact is that he includes Sarah in that denomination, thereby acknowledging her spiritual elevation.


  Let us now consider the schemata Abram and Abraham, Sarai and Sarah. In Genesis xvii, 5 (5 is Hay) Abram had been given an extra life Hay (5) when a convenant was established between him and YHWH. This means that the Aleph-Bayt (Ab) of Ab-Ram, representing the entire Alphabet of that initiate's knowledge, became creative. Its action upon Ram became alive as shown by the Hay (5) being introduced between Raysh and Mem. So whereas Abram is, Abraham is 1.2.300.5.40, thus allowing the final Mem to become 600. The perfect Abraham is therefore

In Genesis xvii,15 (3x5) Sarai became Sarah. The schema Sarai: 300.200.10 was transformed into 300.200.5, which means that the existential Yod (10) of Sarai is, in Sarah, the Hay of life.

Carlo Saures, Cipher of Genesis, p.160-161

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