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By way of example let us consider the month of Av (Aleph-Vayt) already mentioned as it is formed by Tayt (9), it is further described by the line North-High, under the sign of Arieh (Leo): This sign is the home of Hhamah: Hayt-Mem-Hay (the Sun) where the Sun manifest its two "opposite qualities": a Hhayt (one life) which destroys, and a Hay, which causes proliferation. The Name Aleph-Vayt of Av is the starting point of a new cycle formed by Tayt (9) archetype of the first cell. The line North-High is the connection between the 10th and 5th Sephira. The 10th, to the left of Adam Qadmon, is the last: it is the conjunction of the end and the beginning by the Name (Schem-El). As we have seen, the 5th is YHWH's stamp on the seal of his Name. Hence the two aspects of the double event -- destruction-new birth -- are the direct result of YHWH.

For further evidence, the East in the cube of space is the future and the West the past. The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is therefore rightly called "The West Wall."
Suares, SY, p.114
It is also true that we are not, even yet, able to verify if one part of the body corresponds to such and such a planet, or if some Sephira corresponds to some direction in Space (due to science's present abysmal ignorance of man's place in the universe). However, one cannot prevent oneself from feeling a shiver, almost or horror, on reading that the letter Tayt forms the Hebrew month Av. Tayt is number 9. It is the symbol of a cell, and Av is the birth of a new cycle following the destruction of the old. And it is a fact that all the great disasters of the Jews, including the final destruction of the Temple, happened so persistently on the 9th of the month of Av, that that date has become a day of mourning in the State of Israel. The Jews bewail the destructions and, naturally, do not hail the recurring new births of which they only know the repeated, excruciating pain. The Tayt, formation of Av, as asserted by The Sepher Yetsira, is enough to ask ourselves, in a kind of a daze, if the whole story of the Jews is a projection of the Qabala on the world scene, as understood by anonymouns initiates!
Suares, SY, p.10

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