September 21, 2005

Katrina Links Update XI


Katrina's Death Toll Climbs Past 1,000 - Yahoo! News

Rita Swirls Into 165-Mph Monster in Gulf - Yahoo! News (Gulf launches another terror attack)
Bush Administration Touts Rita Readiness - Yahoo! News (says he won't fuck up this time)

House Republicans push ahead with Katrina probe (will investigate selves, hand out medals)

Drum Major Institute - Injustice Index: Hurricane Katrina
Experts Say Faulty Levees Caused Much of Flooding (Wapo reg/req) (W drove his budget-cutting Chevy to the levee)
Message Chaos Afflicts Both Parties as Katrina Aftermath Washes Discipline Away (Repubs scared, Dems autistic) (WaPo usual r/r/b)
Greater Attention to Trauma Sought - LATimes (r/r/b) (long-term effects in a short-sighted country)

Courage and Caring Amid Katrina's Chaos - Yahoo! News
Support for Bush's Iraq policy dives after Katrina - Yahoo! News (only 32% support Bush on Iraq)
Hurricane Katrina Polls
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Hurricane Katrina (So I Volunteered) (Snopes: undetermined)(quacks like racist astroturf)
So I volunteered: firstmover blog disseminating the duck
The 9/11 Victim's Fund (compare with 2K to Katrina survivors)
Hullabaloo: He Comes from Such A Nice Family, Too (Bush racist)
The Other America - Newsweek Hurricane Katrina Coverage - (racism in America) News - Blanco says feds pledged buses 09/18/05
Bush Watch: Katrina red-tape incompetency

Red Tape - Newsweek Hurricane Katrina Coverage - Fiascos - Katrina medical help held up by red tape - Sep 5, 2005 - Up in Flames - FEMA burns UK food contributions ('inedibable' food eaten by Brits in Iraq)
Maher: Nothing funny about Hurricane Katrina - The Situation with Tucker Carlson - (bow-tie boy)
'It's Psychologically Healthy to Prepare' - Newsweek Health Beat -

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